Another 400!

Well, over 400 actually. That’s the number of individuals added to The Williams Family Tree since my last post. With the kind help from Mandy Parker-Morrissey and Jean Morrissey (nee Harris) I have managed to add numerous members of the Harris family and their cousins including over 50 Strangwards!

Albert Edward Harris and Doris May Harris (nee Strangward)

Albert Edward Harris and Doris May Harris (nee Strangward) Photo courtesy of Leslie Gilbert (Les Gilberts Family Tree.FBK)

The crucial factor as far as the Harris family was concerned was confirmation from Mandy and Jean that Albert Edward Harris’s parents were Ernest Harris and Mary Ann Jones. The marriage certificate gave the names of the resepective parents; James Harris and William Jones.

Marriage Certificate for Ernest Harris and Mary Ann Jones (26717)

Marriage Certificate for Ernest Harris and Mary Ann Jones (26717)

The next step was a little confusing at first as it turns out that James Harris married twice, and so did his second wife – or did she? James was born 11th Sep 1828 and was baptised on 31st May 1841. He first married Elizabeth Smith on 25th Nov 1850 and they had two children; Henry and Edwin. James then married Emma (Hawtin) in 1873. Emma already had a child, Nelly Hawtin (born 1872), supposedly by a John Hawtin. However, I have yet to find any proof that John Hawtin existed. Anyway, James and Emma Harris had a further five children; Florence, Ernest, Walter, Selina, and Laura Clara.

There is more work to be done on the Harris family as I got side-tracked by more information from Mandy and Jean about Jean’s sister, Brenda Margaret Harris and her family. Brenda married Brian William Halsey and his father was William Henry Halsey, as was his father and his father before him. This takes us back to William Halsey (born 1811) who married Louisa Simonds (born 1810) on 30 Apr 1833 in Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire. They had nine children. William Henry Halsey (1) married Mary Ann Sibley and they had six children. William Henry Halsey (2) married Lily Mortimore and they had two children. William Henry Halsey (3) married Christobel Dora Langley – research continues.

Other family names added include Bumford, Swallow, Grundy, Kitchen and Smith. There are also a lot of cousins that need to be tied in to the various families and further research into Morrissey, Wyatt, Houghton, Kavanagh, Murray, Hickin, Welch, Parker and Baxter is on the cards.

Many thanks to Mandy and Jean and everyone else who has contributed lately. Please keep the information coming and if you have any information on the above families please get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the good weather while it lasts …


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