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Matches 1 to 103 of 103 for Tree equals Jones of Aberdyfi

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F32229
 Jones, Mary Ellen   Jones of Aberdyfi 
2 F32265
 Reed, Catriona May   Jones of Aberdyfi 
3 F32278
 Monks, Louisa   Jones of Aberdyfi 
4 F32204
Allingham, John Cunningham, Margery   Jones of Aberdyfi 
5 F32207
Allingham, John Lee, Isabella 30 Apr 1872 Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland  Jones of Aberdyfi 
6 F32230
Brown, Reginald E. O. Jones, Joan Grace 1943 Leicester, Leicestershire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
7 F32232
Butler, Edwin C. Carter, Elizabeth 1941 Fulham, London, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
8 F32279
Carter, John Hill, Elizabeth 25 Dec 1845 Wigan All Saints, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
9 F32191
Carter, Joseph Smith, Amelia 1873 Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
10 F32213
Carter, Thomas Ann   Jones of Aberdyfi 
11 F32276
Carter, Thomas Eddleston, Mary 6 Aug 1865 Abram, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
12 F32252
Carter, Thomas Leather, Ada 1921 Warrington, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
13 F32210
Carter, Thomas George Barratt, Ethel 1912 Dolgelly, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
14 F32275
Carter, Walter Monks, Louisa 21 Dec 1895 Abram, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
15 F32281
Carter, William Hatton, Elizabeth 17 Jun 1819 Warrington, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
16 F32194
Cowley, Alfred John Parry, Emily Jane   Jones of Aberdyfi 
17 F32200
Cowley, Anthony Johnson, Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
18 F32202
Cowley, John Hill, Anne   Jones of Aberdyfi 
19 F32197
Cowley, John Smith, Elizabeth 1844 Breadsall, Derby, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
20 F32198
Cowley, Joseph Pegg, Mary 17 Sep 1826 Derby, Derbyshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
21 F32195
Cowley, Joseph Smith Whetton, Caroline   Jones of Aberdyfi 
22 F32203
Cowley, William Cowley, Sarah   Jones of Aberdyfi 
23 F32270
Dorning, Thomas    Jones of Aberdyfi 
24 F32280
Eddleston, Thomas    Jones of Aberdyfi 
25 F32180
Edwards, Joseph Edwards, Ann   Jones of Aberdyfi 
26 F32178
Edwards, Joseph Evans, Ann 3 Mar 1840 All Saints, Gresford, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
27 F32244
Edwards, Morris Prince, Elizabeth 14 Jan 1875 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
28 F32245
Edwards, Thomas    Jones of Aberdyfi 
29 F32158
Ellingham, Alexander Jones, Amelia Frances Annie 16 Jan 1921 Leicester, Leicestershire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
30 F32254
Ellingham, Alexander George Oaten, Evelyn Mary 1940 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
31 F32260
Ellingham, Ian Brown, Margaret   Jones of Aberdyfi 
32 F32217
Ellingham, John Pollock, Christina   Jones of Aberdyfi 
33 F32212
Evans, David Griffith Carter, Ellen 1904  Jones of Aberdyfi 
34 F32042
Evans, Samuel Davies, Frances 1845 Oswestry, Shropshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
35 F32156
Fowles, George Mulliner, Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
36 F32160
Fowles, George Dry, Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
37 F32219
Fowles, George Thomas Green, Sarah Elizabeth 22 Feb 1907 Parish Church, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
38 F32220
Fowles, George William Bate, Eliza 1885 Wem, Shropshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
39 F32164
Fowles, WILLIAM Ramille, Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
40 F32169
French, John Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
41 F32193
Gordon, John Duncan, Margaret   Jones of Aberdyfi 
42 F32282
Hatton, Isaac    Jones of Aberdyfi 
43 F32188
Henderson, Robert Hodgkinson, Sarah Ann   Jones of Aberdyfi 
44 F32192
Henderson, Robert Noble, Mary Jane   Jones of Aberdyfi 
45 F32190
Henderson, Robert Gordon, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1889 Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. Anne, Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
46 F32189
Henderson, Robert Cowley, Evelyn Annie 1939 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
47 F32283
Hill, Ralph Esther   Jones of Aberdyfi 
48 F32284
Hill, Samuel Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
49 F32209
Humphreys, Richard Jones Carter, Rosina 1908 Dolgelly, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
50 F32215
Jones, Albert Edward Ross, Helen Brown 1921 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
51 F32225
Jones, Albert Edward Dyke, Doris A. 1962 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
52 F32226
Jones, Albert Edward Garland, Kathleen Gladys 1969 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
53 F32163
Jones, Benjamin Fowles, Daisy Maud 23 Jan 1935 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
54 F32155
Jones, Edward Evans, Ann 1869 Oswestry, Shropshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
55 F32263
Jones, Gareth Hughes Reed, Heidi Anne   Jones of Aberdyfi 
56 F32201
Jones, John Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
57 F32228
Jones, Joseph Thomas    Jones of Aberdyfi 
58 F32227
Jones, Robert Lennard Lewis    Jones of Aberdyfi 
59 F32216
Jones, Walter B. Carter, Mary Ann 1896 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
60 F32161
Jones, William James Prince, Gwendolin Margaret Alice 1951 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
61 F32269
Leather, James    Jones of Aberdyfi 
62 F32268
Leather, William Dorning, Ann 19 Jan 1887 Prescot, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
63 F32218
Lee, John McFarlane, Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
64 F32241
Mason, William Edwards, Sarah Ann 1897 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
65 F32159
Matthews, David Bate, Sarah   Jones of Aberdyfi 
66 F32277
Monks, James    Jones of Aberdyfi 
67 F32157
Moore Fowles, Florence Hannah   Jones of Aberdyfi 
68 F32162
Mulliner, William Walker, Ann   Jones of Aberdyfi 
69 F32165
Mulliner, William Humphrison, Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
70 F32187
O'Hara, Edward Thomas Sutherland, Violet Field 1912 Chelsea, London, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
71 F32167
O'Hara, Frederick Leslie Jones, Dilys Lucille 1939 Chelsea, Middlesex, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
72 F32255
Oaten Martha E.   Jones of Aberdyfi 
73 F32211
Owen, John Jones Carter, Amelia 1905  Jones of Aberdyfi 
74 F32199
Parry, Edward Unknown, Eliza   Jones of Aberdyfi 
75 F32196
Parry, John Smith, Sarah Anne   Jones of Aberdyfi 
76 F32185
pierpoint, Abraham Roberts, Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
77 F32172
Prince, Edwin Edwards, Elizabeth 27 Feb 1871 Wrexham Parish Church, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
78 F32175
Prince, Edwin Irons, Ada Susannah 27 Feb 1906 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
79 F32170
Prince, Henry Shaw, Gertrude Laura Alice 6 Oct 1897 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
80 F32171
Prince, Henry Shaw Henderson, Margaret 1940 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
81 F32179
Prince, Samuel Easto, Hannah   Jones of Aberdyfi 
82 F32177
Prince, Thomas Ellis, Catherine 20 Jun 1831 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
83 F32221
Rogers, David Evans, Maria 1869 Oswestry, Shropshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
84 F32224
Ross, Lindsay Goldie Brown, Agnes   Jones of Aberdyfi 
85 F32267
Seagle Powell   Jones of Aberdyfi 
86 F32266
Seagle, Albert Edward Carter, Ada Mary 1948 Runcorn, Cheshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
87 F32243
Senior, Benjamin Keturah   Jones of Aberdyfi 
88 F32246
Senior, Joseph Prince, Emma 1 Apr 1861 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
89 F32182
Shaw, Daniel pierpoint, mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
90 F32184
Shaw, John Snowden, Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
91 F32181
Shaw, Thomas Twiddy, Margaret   Jones of Aberdyfi 
92 F32176
Shaw, Thomas Peirpoint Berry, Margaret Alice 20 Mar 1872 Leyland, Lancashire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
93 F32168
Smith    Jones of Aberdyfi 
94 F32231
Smith, Bernard C. T. Jones, Joan Grace 1955 Kensington, London, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
95 F32214
Smith, George French, Mary Ann 24 Aug 1845 Great Bowden, Leicestershire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
96 F32262
Spence, William Findlay McQuade, Jean   Jones of Aberdyfi 
97 F32264
Sterchi, Patrick Silver Reed, Claire Elizabeth   Jones of Aberdyfi 
98 F32040
Stirton, Denis G. Heywood, Jean 1960 Bucklow, Cheshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
99 F32183
Twiddy, Thomas Shipherd, Mary   Jones of Aberdyfi 
100 F32166
Walker, Thomas    Jones of Aberdyfi 
101 F32041
White, William Jones, Elizabeth Fanny 1894 Oswestry, Shropshire, England  Jones of Aberdyfi 
102 F32173
Wyatt, Thomas Henry Jones, Winifred 1948 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Jones of Aberdyfi 
103 F32242
Young, Benjamin Prince, Harriet   Jones of Aberdyfi