Amiss, not Tooley

As The Williams Family Tree database now contains nearly 90,000 individuals I am attempting to tidy things up and ensure that I have all the details about people correct before I call it a day. Whilst doing this I discovered that Edward Ashley Howell Davey’s maternal grandmother was Mary Amiss, not Mary Tooley.

Marriage for Joseph Tooley and Mary Amyss

Marriage for Joseph Tooley and Mary Amyss

In fact, she was both! Mary Amiss was the daughter of Luke Amiss and she was born about 1810 in Winterton, Norfolk. On 22nd January 1828 she married Joseph Tooley in Ormesby St. Michael, Norfolk. According to the England Births and Christening records on FamilySearch, they had four children: John Amiss Tooley (1829), Kezia Tooley (1830), Jane Elizabeth Tooley (1834) and Louisa Tooley (1834). According to the 1841 Census, Louisa was recorded as Louis, or it could be that in the FamilySearch records Louis was recorded as Louisa!

Joseph Henry Tooley died in 1836 and was buried on the 12th or 13th of December of that year in Great Yarmouth.

On 9 January 1838 Mary Tooley married William Turner in Ormesby St. Michael, Norfolk and, from what I can gather, they had five children: William (1840), Martha Maria (1843-1917), Eliza (1846), George (1849), and William J., (1852).

As we know, Martha Maria Turner married Ashley Howell Davey in 1875 and the rest, as they say, is history …

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