George Robert Woodhouse (1906-1991)

I have once again updated The Williams Family Tree and it now has 93,405 individuals, 27,302 families and 8,880 sources. At least that is what my Legacy database informs me! According to the website, there are a mere 93,361 individuals so I must go on a hunt for the missing 44.

I have included a fair amount of information about the family of George Robert Woodhouse (1906-1991). I was sent an email concerning the marriage of George’s sister, Gladys, to William Edgar Capon as they had a son, Richard William Capon, who died intestate earlier this year. However, it transpires that George’s sister, Gladys May Woodhouse (1908-1999) married Harry F. Loveday (1907-1974) and not Mr. Capon. Harry and Gladys appear not to have had any children. So that put the mockers on as far as heir-hunting is concerned.

George Robert Woodhouse (1906-1991), courtesy of Ian Lamb (Lamb-Andrews Family Tree on Ancestry)

George Robert Woodhouse (1906-1991), courtesy of Ian Lamb (Lamb-Andrews Family Tree on Ancestry)

There are conflicting reports as to the ancestry of George Robert Woodhouse so if any of his descendants read this and can update me with any information I would be most grateful.

Cousin John Oliver Thomas has sent me lots more information that has at long last been added to the database. Thanks John, I’m sorry it sometimes takes a while but your info does get in eventually. Please keep it coming.

Now that I have a new job I can’t do as much research and updating as I used to so things will slow down for a while. But don’t let that put you off sending me new stuff …. 🙂

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