Morrissey, Redshaw and Peake (amongst others)

Many thanks again for another week full of new information.

Mandy Parker-Morrissey has very kindly sent me information about the Morrissey family. Jean Morrisey is my uncle Nev’s sister. She and Mandy will be sending even more information as and when they can. Thanks to both of you.

Thanks also to Bernadette Norton who sent me an email about the connection to the Redshaw family. She is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Doris Redshaw (1902-2002). The information she gave has led to updates for the Pover and McCoy families as well.

Further to an message from Keith Parr we have together updated the information on George Peake and his two marriages – I only had one previously. More information is required on this branch and hopefully, together, we’ll crack it.

While updating all of the above and more I am also devoting some time to adding all the photographs of individuals that I have not got around to uploading to the website. I didn’t realise quite how many had been missed out. That’s the trouble with putting things off until tomorrow!!

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