Too Much To Do!

We have now shot over the 91,000 individual mark thanks to a number of people who have been kind enough to pass on information about their families.

Mary Collishaw has added me to her family tree on Ancestry so that I can half-hitch information for the Tingey/Tingay family.

Arthur and Jessie Wortley

Arthur and Jessie Wortley

The Davis family (Joe and Fred snooker/billiards players) has been updated courtesy of the ‘Jakins, Thomas and Smith Family Tree’ and the ‘Hanson Family Tree’ both on Ancestry. Work on the Chalk and Wates families continues, as well as many other ‘smaller’ branches. David Fox-Roberts has kindly sent me information on the Roberts family. With a new grandchild on the way the Elliott and Ceriez families are under investigation – a trip to Belgium might be useful for this! Ian Pryce has passed on information about the Pryce and Fenn families. John Oliver Thomas continues to update me on a regular basis. Mike Jones sent me a picture of his ‘Nan’ who looks a lot like our Aunt Polly. Tricia Chesterman has updated the Jopling family and Richard Wortley has sent me information and photos of the Wortley family.

Forgive me if I have left anyone out but with so much to do I lose track rather quickly. Suffice to say I am extremely grateful for all the input no matter how large or small.

On the large side, Ian Johnson has passed me a Rootsweb link with a potential 8000+ individuals to add to The Williams Family Tree!

As well as all of the above I am attempting to clean up and update all the ‘old’ information and add images of BMD registrations and other stuff where possible.

Please keep the information coming as it all helps to reach the target of 100,000 individuals.

Thank you.

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