Firefox Update

There is a lot going on and a lot of individuals have been added to The Williams Family Tree. More information will follow. However, I felt that this may be important to some of you who use my Toolbar and Extraction Scripts.
The latest versions of Firefox and Greasemonkey break everything! If you want to continue to use my Toolbar and Scripts then you must NOT update Firefox beyond 5.6 and Greasemonkey beyond 3.17.
If you have already updated Firefox it will have updated Greasemonkey but it is easy enough to go back a stage.
Firefox previous versions can be found here:
Greasemonkey previous versions can be found here:
However, please bear in mind the security risks of not upgrading Firefox, Greasemonkey, and other Add-ons.
As soon as I have new versions of my Toolbar and Scripts I will let you know.
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