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My WFT Toolbar extension to Firefox has been a valuable tool for genealogical research for many years enabling quick access to a number of websites and/or specific pages within those websites. Unfortunately, the toolbar is not compatible with the latest versions of Firefox and it is not wise to keep using old versions of Firefox due to security issues. It is no longer feasible to try to maintain the toolbar. An alternative had to be found – and here it is.

Firefox, even the latest version, allows the use of a bookmark sidebar. Normally this would be used to display a bunch of bookmarks, as you would expect. However, it is also possible to use a single webpage in place of the normal bookmarks and so I have created such a page here:

To install the menu in Firefox click on Bookmarks from the top left of Firefox, select Other Bookmarks from the dropdown menu, then right click in the box (or on one of the existing links) and click on New Bookmark. A new box will pop up where you can enter a name for the bookmark (always a good idea!), don’t make the name too long as it may affect the width of the display. I called mine WiFaT – Wi(lliams)Fa(mily)T(ree).

Then you need to add the Location. In this instance, it is You can add Tags, Keyword and Description if you like but make sure you select ‘Load this bookmark in the sidebar’ then click on Add. Once you have done all this, to load the bookmark menu click on Bookmarks from the top left of Firefox, select Other Bookmarks from the dropdown menu, and finally click on the Bookmark you named earlier.

I will be making changes every now and again but every time you reload it like this you will get the latest version.

If there are any links to websites that you would like to see on the menu please let me know and I will try to include them.

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