Williams Family Tree

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  1. Anne Wallace says:

    Not sure if you will understand all this.
    Looking up my great great grandparents. It would appear I am related to Caroline Mead Spash, I have seen on your Williams tree. Most of our family members lived in Portsmouth Portsea area. Such an unusual name Spash, wanted to find out more? Very enjoyable finding out ones roots. Related to Brown, Horner, Tagg. Wondering how connected to Williams family??
    Kindest regards

  2. Caroline Cleeve says:

    My name is Caroline Cleeve nee Falk.
    My great great grandfather was Christian Falk from Norway.
    I see he appears on your family tree too, I was wondering where we all fit in.
    I have been researching on Ancestry.com for some while and the Norwegian link always grinds to a halt. If you could share a theory it would help immensely.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kindest regards

    • Phil says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Christian Falk was my wife’s aunt’s husband’s great-grandfather!

      There is a lot of information to be added to the Falk family, perhaps you could help?



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