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1001 !Source: Ozelma Gurley 1991. Ozelma said they still kept their home after her
Wright, Bettie (I15915)
1002 !Source: Ozelma Gurley Taylor 1991. Lacefield, Homer L. (I17474)
1003 !Source: Patsy E. Page, 13920 Pyramid Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75234: Union
Co., IL Census 1830,1835,1840,1850 Elizabeth & William. They are still in
Wayne Co, NC on 11 mar 1825 because they sold Elizabeth's share of her father's
land. 1830 p.56: 2m 10-15, 1m 40-50, 1f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40
1835 state census: 1m 0-10, 2m 10-20, 1m 40-50, 1f 10-20, 1f 40-50
1840 p. 64: 1m 5-10, 2m 40-50, 1f 15-20, 1f 40-50
1850 p. 164 dwel #272/272: Elizabeth Wiggs 58f NC, Wm. 16m IL 
Wiggs, William (I18289)
1004 !SOURCE: PAUL WILLIAMS, FEB 1991. Williams, Mick (I16211)
1005 !SOURCE: PAUL WILLIAMS, FEB 1991. Williams, Frank (I16210)
1006 !SOURCE: Paul Williams, Feb 1991. Williams, George (I16209)
1007 !SOURCE: Paul Williams, Feb 1991. Williams, Robert L. (I16208)
1008 !SOURCE: Paul Williams, Feb 1991. Williams, Bill (I16207)
1009 !SOURCE: Paul Williams, Feb 1991. Williams, H. Daniel (I16206)
1010 !SOURCE: PEGGY A. BUNN (birth), JA Burnett said he was a Rebel Soldier in the
Civil War and afterwards became a Democrat, also a member of the Christian
Church. Chant Cem. is about 14 mi south of Waldron, AR. 
Rogers, George Washington (I16895)
1011 !Source: per Gwen Platt (1976) b. 1825, living with the family of Stephen
Henley in Randolph Co, NC 1850 census. 
Burkhead, William D. (I15670)
1012 !Source: Personal knowledge of Christine Lewis, belonged to the Methodist
Church in Ada, she was a farm wife, a strong and healthy woman, good seam-
stress, sewed all of her daughter's and her own clothing, a very good cook.
Mary Alice Oliver Gurley 1918
Floyd Molly Loyd by Mary Ellen
Zemma Jim Molly and Sam Gurley close up
Sam Molly Sylvia Elbert 2 mo 1919 Oct in Arkansas
Sam and Molly Gurley
Sam and Molly Gurley June 1942
Sam and Molly Gurley
Sam and Molly Gurley at Keneth's Graduation
Sam and Molly Gurley
Sam and Molly Gurley
Sam and Molly Gurley 1961
Sam and Molly busts
Sam and Molly 50th Anniv Oct 25 1964
Sam 21 Molly and Sylvia 2 mo Gurley
Sam Molly and Christine Gurley 
Oliver, Mary Alice (I15021)
1013 !SOURCE: Personal knowledge of Hattie Rowell in 1980. She said his name was John Henry Wilson and that he was 1/2 Indian. Wife
was said to have driven him off as he was too wild, about 1895. Children left
home to live with other families and to find work. Other children said to be
Noah and Monroe, but these names are two of Elifus Wilburn D. Rowell's children
and may be a mistake. Therefore they are not listed on sheet. 
Wilson, William Henry (I16094)
1014 !SOURCE: Personal knowledge of Paul & Mary Ellen Williams, Feb 1991. Williams, John Daniel (I15761)
1015 !SOURCE: POLK CO cemetery records,"STEWART, infant son & dau. of Mr. & Mrs.
J.M. Stewart 1901-1903" West View Cem, 3.5 mi SW of Cove, burried near E.D. and
E.E. Rowell. 
Stewart (I17897)
1016 !SOURCE: POLK CO cemetery records,"STEWART, infant son & dau. of Mr. & Mrs.
J.M. Stewart 1901-1903" West View Cem, 3.5 mi SW of Cove, burried near E.D. and
E.E. Rowell. 
Stewart (I17896)
1017 !Source: Rosie Adams 1991.
4 generations WS Mattie Edna Florence 
Cobble, Ednie Bell (I15856)
1018 !SOURCE: Rosie Adams 1991. Adams, Virgil (I15868)
1019 !SOURCE: Rosie Adams, 1991. Adams, Virgie Allene (I17902)
1020 !Source: same as husband Dickson, Elizabeth (I17530)
1021 !source: sames as Sarah E. Rowell, Mary F. (I17610)
1022 !Source: Vital Stat. Gurley (I17463)
1023 !Source: Vital Statistics, buried at Lighting Ridge.
!Source: Vital Stat. lived less than 1 hour. 
Gurley (I17453)
1024 !SOURCE: W. Leon Gurley July 1991.
!1021 W. 13th St., Ada OK 74820 (405)332-6160. 
Gurley, Wesley Leon (I15900)
1025 !Source:Ann Horn 1988
!Death:Died in Kern Co. Hospital. 
Shires, Georgia Ann (I16297)
1026 !SOURCE:Ann Horn 1988
!Died in car crash, was a Rev. 
Melton, James Albert (I16296)
1027 !SOURCE:Opal Melton:Ann Horn
!Rancho Village Baptist 1957
Worked for the rail road 
Melton, Orval Leslie (I16291)
1028 !SPOUSE: Ann Scalifo Cooper, Michael Bruce (I15701)
1029 !SPOUSE: Charles Stark Price, Lockey (I15686)
1030 !SPOUSE: Paul Eads Price, Polly (I15687)
1031 !SPOUSE: Stella Williams Price, Jack (I15685)
1032 !Stepdaughter, father was Hiram Myrick. Myrick, Mary Hester (I15560)
1033 !Still living in 1834, settled in Wayne Co., NC Gurley, Joel (I16343)
1034 !SUBMITTED: By Peggy A. Bunn, 1815 Clement Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405.
She states source as Family record written by Dr. John Albert Burnett of
Waldren, AR and also Family record compiled in 1969 by Dorothy Manie Russell, a
professional researcher.
!SOURCE: Peggy A. Bunn, Opal Melton, Anne Horn, J.A. Burnett (1934) who states
she was 1st a member of the Christian Church, then Free Will Baptist.
Spouse: Jiles Vilers 
Sanders, Martha Milner (I15573)
1035 !The J.H. Gurley lodge in Waco TX, was named after him. He had one child. Gurley, James Henry (I17171)
1036 !Their children were raised as orphans.
IGI extraction checked nov 1994 gives temple dates as well as place of birth an
approx year. Their children have been sealed to them but I did not find a
record of their marriage being sealed (William to Georgia). 
Lewis, William (I15567)
1037 !They had 5 children and others not known, see p. 234 AEGurley's book. Gurley, Keziah (I17159)
1038 !Three children by second marriage.
Unrecognised item: Married on 1850-11-01
Married at , , Alabama
DATE 2000-10-23
Married on 1854-10-24
Married at Waco, McLennan, Texas
DATE 2000-10-23
Gurley, Angelina A. (I17170)
1039 !UNKOWN, could be John E. born in 1809 married Nancy Oakley, but no sound
!UNKOWN, Could be Joseph b. 1810 or 1812 married Betsy.
!UNKOWN, could be Ransom b. 1814 or 1816 married Rebecca Oakley. 
Cash (I17082)
1040 !Vital Stat. Gurley (I15034)
1041 !VITAL STAT. RECORDS Gurley (I17494)
1042 !Was a Revolutinary Soldier. After his marriage he went to Stafford Co, VA
where his will was found in 1760.
Unrecognised item: Married on 1729-11-03
Married at Stafford, Stafford, Virginia
DATE 2000-10-23
Cash, Peter (I17122)
1043 !Went to Essex Co, VA purchased land 17 sep 1723. No further record found. Cash, Thomas (I17119)
1044 !When he was share cropping for a man he was taking his team out to hitch to a
wagon to take Anna to see her mother. The man through a rock hitting him in
the head killing him instantly. He was killed before Myrtle was
Goss, John (I17011)
1045 !Wife not known, had a son William b.1722 d. 1799, Stafford Co., VA. Cash, John Howard (I17116)
1046 !Wife thought to be Ann Moses, had a son, Moses born in Stafford Co, VA.
Unrecognised item: SEX: SOUR @S2775555237@
NOTE Information extracted from various family tree data submitted to Ancestry and The Generations Network 
Cash, William (I17117)
1047 !Will found 1782 King George Co., VA.
Unrecognised item: Married on 1721
Married on 1744
Married at , King George, VA
DATE 2000-10-23
Cash, James (I17120)
1048 !William Price served in Rev. War 1776-77 under his father, Thomas Price in
Sevier's NC Reg, had issue. Source: Bessie Oliver 
Price, William (I15597)
1049 " DAVIES - WOODFIELD. On August 29th at St Stephen's Church Redditch by the Rev S.Davis, M.A. assisted by the Rev A.E.Prue, M.A., Hugh Davies FRCS Eng MB, BS Lond., Vale House, Greenwich, eldest son of Mr Davies, Liedfron, Llanfyllin, North Wales to Elizabeth Victoria (Lily), fifth daughter of William Woodfield, Elmsdale, Redditch" Family F15879
1050 "... I am also David William." «i»Brief Glory p 201«/i».

From the 1881 Census (RG11 Piece 5478 Folio 60 Page 9) David William, 3, was living with his mother Ann, 45, a Mariner's Wife, at 1 Bridge End, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With him were his siblings Annie (E), 11, a Scholar, and John James, 8.

From the 1891 Census (RG12 Piece 4587 Folio 46 Page 6) David W(illiam), 13, a Scholar, was living with his parents James, 50, a Master Mariner, and Ann, 56, at 6 New Street, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With them were his Grandmother, Ann, 82, his siblings Annie E, 21, a Dressmaker, and John J(ames), 18, a Grocer, and his cousin David J(ohn) Williams, 18, a Sailor.

From the 1901 Census (RG13 Piece 3438 Folio 117 Page 1) David W(illiam), 23, a Student, was living with his mother Ann, 68, a widow, at 132 Northbrook Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. With him was his brother John J(ames), 28, a Book Keeper.

Name: Morgan, David W; Record Type: Marriages; Quarter: September; Year: 1910; District: Machynlleth; County: Caernarvonshire Merionethshire Montgomeryshire Powys; Volume: 11b; Page 235 
Morgan, David William (I838)
1051 "A.J." was "l'enfant terrible" of the lively Hughes family, he was a boy clerk in the Post Office Savings Bank. He went to St.Mark's College, then to United Westminster College. At 20 he was advised by congregational minister to go to Montreal into the Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, in their Actuarial Dept. The following year he was joined by his sister Edith, who came with secret instructions to keep an eye on Arthur! In 1893 he went to Bridgeport, Connecticut into Jennings Bros. Jewellery Co., but in 1895 he returned to Insurance as Assistant Actuary of the Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co. of Toronto.

In 1901 he became Sec. and Actuary for the newly formed Crown Life Ins. Co. in Toronto, later becoming its managing director. He helped nine of his brothers and sisters to make their homes in the New World. In 1906 he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the China Mutual Life Insurance Soo. in Shanghai. His sister Hilda went with him. In 1912 he helped to found the China United Assurance Soo., except for himself a wholly Chinese concern. Of this he was manager until he was interned by the Japanese in 1942. He was a director of several big firms, owned race horses, member of the Shanghai Council, Chairman of the Municipal Orchestra. He wrote booklets about problems of Insurance in China, and was one of the first people to link obesity with prospects of long levity.

He married Hattie Green of Toronto in 1908, granddaughter of General Schofield (United Empire Loyalist) who died in 1926. 0 Chn. 1929 m. Kathleen Campbell Strathearn, a professional pianist, they had 2 Chn. Later divorced.

He was a most widely traveled man; he knew Canada and U.S.A. well. In the Far East his work took him N. to Harbin, S. to Batavia and E. China. He had been to India, the E. Indies and crossed Russia and Siberia in 1907 and 1928 by the Trans Siberian Railway. After suffering deprivations as a prisoner of war in a Japanese Camp for 3 years he returned to England via Canada in 1946, his sister Alice had offered him a home in St. Merryn, Cornwall. He had lost almost everything in the War; he came from riches to near poverty. But taken in by his sister Christine Duffy at Constantine Bay.

In the early 1950's he was fortunate in being selected to fill a vacancy in Morden College, Blackheath, which was founded in 1695 for less fortunate Merchants. He said it was for "Empire Builders!" The building designed by Wren. He had his own bedroom and sitting room and was well cared for until the end of his life.

A.J. was one of the talkers of the Wates family, an exceptionally gifted small built man who made up for his lack of height in other ways; he was a most entertaining guest, he "painted with a large brush", was a flamboyant and sometimes unreliable personality - there are many stories told about him. His family adored him but told him to "hush" his non-stop talking. 
Hughes, Arthur Jordan (I26799)
1052 "Archibald Elmer was born on January 31,1891. He is still living as I write this and continues to reside in the Johnston area where he grew up. He married Esther Temple, who was my mother's niece. They were loving and kind parents. Esther is now gone buttheir children give Archie good care. Tribute is especially due to Wilma, in whose home he has spent much time." Kinsey, Archibald Elmer (I102254)
1053 "At some date during the first decade of this century Percy wanted a job. My father, W. J. Hughes, was at that time a Relieving Officer in Padding- ton and when a new post of Assistant R.O. was created, father suggested to Percy that he should apply. Father introduced him to some of the Guardians and in due course Percy was appointed. He was a bachelor and so he came to live with us. Before long he was appointed Relieving Officer at Lambeth where he remained for the rest of his working life.

During these earlier years, Percy was a keen concert goer and during the 'Prom' Season at the old Queen's Hall, shared a season ticket with a friend. Actually four of them bought 2 tickets, 2 using them one evening and posting them as they left the Concert hall to the other two for use the following night.

On one holiday he went to Guernsey where he met his future wife "Dolly". She was in the Post Office and had been engaged before. Her previous fiancé had emigrated to Australia. She went out to be married and found that he had 'taken to drink', whereupon she broke off her engagement, found herself a job until she had saved sufficient to return home to Guernsey. She was very tiny but full of courage and vitality. After their marriage, Percy and Dolly lived in a flat high up in a block of buildings in Stamford Street until their family increased to such an extent that they moved to a house, No. 1 Walcott Square. Dolly was a keen high church woman and Percy, with all the children, joined her in all her church activities. She was also a great believer in cold baths. Winter and summer alike, the whole family began the day with a cold plunge.

All these years Percy had helped his mother and sisters financially after his father had left them without any means of subsistence. None of Percy's three brothers were of the calibre of Percy. He managed to persuade two brothers to help and collected their contributions once a month when he met them for tea in a cafe. At one time one of the sons, who lived just round the corner from his mother, sent a cheque of the minimum amount legally allowed for his mother's maintenance and said, there was no need to acknowledge the payments as they were by cheque.

We heard of Percy and family from time to time from Uncle Jim who visited them at intervals. He was full of admiration for that big household headed by the indomitable little couple.

Dolly shopped in the cheap street markets of Lambeth and they fed well, as she was not only thrifty but an excellent cook, one who was able to make the cheapest of meat into the most palatable dishes. Her whole days were spent in the kitchen and there Uncle Jim would go and talk to her whilst she cooked, ironed, or sewed for them all, and the youngest child could only have been a baby at the time.

Each year Percy arranged a fortnight's holiday for them all. Occasionally they would go to Dolly's relations in Guernsey, but these times necessarily grew fewer as the size of the Feak family increased. Remembering his early days with the Hughes family on holiday in Surrey, he would rent a furnished house in various beauty spots in that county - Friday Street was a favourite. On their arrival, Dolly's first job was to go around the house and remove every ornament and unwanted piece of furniture to the Sitting Room. Then she locked the door of that room and put the key out of reach of small hands and thus it remained until the end of the holiday. It says much for the discipline in that family that I never heard of any trouble arising from these holidays, and also that Percy never had any difficulty in renting a suitable property. In fact, on occasions, I believe they went two or three times to the same house.

The second World War brought them more responsibility. Dolly's sister was the wife of a clergyman in charge of one of the Guernsey parishes. She had several children, either three or four. When the Germans were threatening the Channel Islands with invasion, together with many other refugees from the Islands, the children were put on one of the last ships to leave for England, and they went to Percy in Lambeth. Their parents remained behind at their posts. Percy's resources were strained to the utmost. He could give the children shelter and look after them, but some additional income would be essential. The Channel Islands are in the diocese of Winchester so Percy wrote to the Bishop, Dr. Garbett at that time, to ask if there were any funds available to help with the expenses of the children. Dr. Garbett replied that there were none, but he himself would contribute to their maintenance in these circumstances. Dr. Garbett was as good as his word and his allowance came regularly until the children were old enough to work or to return to their parents after the war.

During one of the Air Raids, No. 1 Walcott Sq. was so badly damaged that Percy and family had to move out into a nearby house. I fancy that in due course, they were able to return. In spite of all his extra work in connection with the war and his enlarged family, Percy found time to write to my uncle, Arthur Jordan Hughes, who was interned by the Japanese in Shanghai and there is probably much else that he did in the way of kindness about which I know nothing.

Latterly, Percy grew very like Uncle Jim in appearance and in his quick manner. It is sad to relate that after a life spent with so much devotion to other people he became senile, and did not even recognise Arthur Hughes the last time when the latter visited him. I do not know the date of his death, but it must have occurred sometime in the 1950's." Phyllis L. Jelpke. 
Feak, Percy Alderson (I26818)
1054 "Burnarba" Tattam, Victor Arthur (I68676)
1055 "Crackenbuck" Creighton, Mary Ann (I112628)
1056 "Found as father in the Thrandeston birth records" Chylvers, Alex (I14677)
1057 "Grandma Kinsey was born and reared in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Her date of birth was June 27, 1833. Her mother died when she was nine years old and she went to live with her maternal grandmother whose name was Neighbor. Apparently she taught my grandmotherwell all the duties of homemaking, including how to sew a fine seam. Grandma's nationality was Pcnnsylvania Dutch. I don't remember my grandmother well for I was only six years old when she died. I do remember some things about her very clearly - her kindness to me and love for me that she showed in so many little ways. She had one brother, John Wolfe. He lived his adult years in Wymore, Nebraska. He and my grandmother visited back and forth often and always remained close as did their families. Grandma'sfather remarried and they had a daughter, giving my grandmother a half sister, whose name was Josephine.

My grandmother, true to her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, was a meticulously clean housekeeper and a good worker. My father I'm told favored his mother in many respects and this was one of them. I have often heard him say that "a task worth doing at all isworth doing well." He practiced this saying and taught it to his children. Grandma could "sew a fine seam" as evidenced by two pieces of her work that I still have. One is a dress that she had made for herself and the other a sheet, she had made by hand.The crowning glory of her handiwork, left for posterity, is a wreath made of seeds. She saved the seeds herself -- a large variety of them, glued them to forms she had cut from cardboards and then
varnished them. They were arranged in the shape of a large wreath and framed. My father took this wreath from his parents home after grandpa's death and it hung in our living room until our house was dismantled. Now, it hangs in the home of Mary, Edward'swidow, I always love to see it-a study in itself.

Grandpa was perhaps the more public-spirited of these two forebears. He took an active interest in the affairs of his com munity. He was a member of caucuses and was one of the appraisers of the land, bought by the first railroad, that went west of his home through Grimes.ä➇
By Gladys Kinsey Stewart, Winter of 1979. 
Wolfe, Marilda (I101660)
1058 "lived or existed". Financially helped by Rob. L. Wates, (CH VII). Probably died young. Handicapped. Fisher, Benjamin (I29276)
1059 "Madge". No children. Middle name may have been Ellen. Drydon, Margaret Ella (I35492)
1060 "Mary Marilda is the official name Mamie was given, after her two grandmothers. Rarely does one observe so close a family relationship as Archie and Mamie have for one another. Mamie has no children. She sort of adopted Archie's family as her own and theyare thoughtful of her." Kinsey, Mary Marilda (I101817)
1061 "Roscommon" Tattam, Charles Henry Valentine (I68677)
1062 "Son of Thos and Eliz Noad born in Road 1st inst." Noad, Thomas (I38237)
1063 "The Prarie" Tattam, George Percy Dykes (I68672)
1064 "The Prarie" Tattam, Maurice Benjamin Glascott (I68671)
1065 "Uncle Elmer married Margaret Shaw and to this union were born two children. Archie and Mamie. Archibald Elmer was born on January 31,1891. Mary Marilda is the official name Mamie was given, after her two grandmothers. Rarely does one observe so close afamily relationship as Archie and Mamie have for one another. Mamie has no children. She sort of adopted Archie's family as her own and they are thoughtful of her.

Uncle Elmer's second marriage was to a young widow - Carrie Kuesler. She had a daughter Mildred. Aunt Carrie was living when grandpa Kinsey died and they were living with him. After his death the ⬊Old Home Place' was divided between Uncle Elmer and my father. Uncle Elmer taking the unimproved acres and building a nice house on it. It was there that they lived when Aunt Carrie
died in 1918 during the ⬊flu epidemic'. They had twin boys who died a few days after birth.

Uncle Elmer married a third time to Lillian Jack, whose family home had long been in Johnston. She, too, preceded him in death. Uncle Elmer, Aunt Carrie and their babies are buried in the
Kinsey Cemetery at Johnston, just cast of where grandpa and grandma Kinsey are buried. This cemetery was taken out of land that belonged to their farm. For as long as grandpa lived it was
reached by going through their barnyard gate and diagonally over virgin soil to the northwest gate of the cemetery. When the farm became my father's, he knew this arrangement could not long continue (with the probability of strangers living in the old home) so he sold the township a road to the cemetery. It is located on the east side of the land where the buildings are located. Trees, planted along the lane's west border have now become so large that they overhang the lane making it impassable. Complaint has been made to township trustees without success. Who, among our grandparents posterity, can get this road made passable?"
[By Gladys Kinsey Stewart, Winter of 1979] 
Kinsey, Elmer E. (I100971)
1066 "When the metal begins to melt it is the business of the puddler to watch it from time to time until it is ready for what is technically called BALLING, i.e. dividing the metals into separate balls or quantities or puddle-rolls; which having been done, they are handed over to the shingler, who has the direction of a large and heavy hammer worked by steam or water power, and the rough hot metal is, by repeated blows brought to a more compact form for the rolling mill." From the Employment Commission reports 1842 ( Cornfield, George (I19231)
1067 #182
DATE 17 JAN 2017
TIME 08:50:41
DATE 08 OCT 2014
TIME 15:40:10
DATE 12 OCT 2014
TIME 07:53:36
_CRE: TIME 15:39:51
_CRE: FAMS @F31134493@
Powell, Ann (I101961)
1068 #500
DATE 12 OCT 2014
TIME 07:54:16
DATE 12 OCT 2014
TIME 07:55:09
Bennett, Jane (I104060)
1069 '... Captain Owen Williams having married first a sister of my mother and then a cousin of hers.' «i»Brief Glory p 261«/i».
Possibility for Birth Certificate? Quarter: MAR Year: 1852 District: Aberystwyth Volume:11b Page: 6

From the 1871 Census (RG10 Piece 3994 Folio 6 Page 6) Jane, 20, a Cook, was a servant for Roger Ross, 53, a Commission Agent from Montrose, Scotland, and his wife Elizabeth Ann, 64, no occupation, from Stockport, at 12 Cecil St., Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester. Another servant to the household was Fanny Aspinall, 26, from Huddersfield, later to be her sister-in-law.

From the 1881 Census (RG11 Piece 5447 Folio 120 Page 13) Jane was with her widowed mother Elizabeth, 58, at Talybont, Ceulan y Maesmawr, Cardigan, Wales. With her were her sister Margaret, 25, her brother Richard Owen, 14, and her daughter Eliza, 3 months.

From the 1891 Census (RG12 Piece 4587 Folio 48 Page 9) Jane, 39, was with her second husband, Owen, 52, a Trinity Pilot, at 20 Church Street, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With her were her stepdaughter Susannah, 16, and her daughter Maggie, 2, along with stepson, John D(avies), 10, our Taid.

From the 1901 Census (RG13 Piece 5190 Folio 22 Page 8) Jane, 59, was living with her husband Owen, 63, a Trinity Pilot and Fisherman, at 8 Glandovey Terrace, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With them were their children Maggie, 12, Richard L(ewis), 9, Thomas O(wen), 5, and Ellis, 3.

From the 1911 Wales Census (RG14PN33712 RG78PN1945 RD615 SD2 ED5 SN42) Jane, 58, Lodging House Keeper from Talybont, Cardiganshire, was with her husband Owen, 72, Trinity Pilot from Aberdovey, Merionethshire, at 1 Bodfor Terrace, Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. With them were their children Maggie, 22, Housework, Thomas Owen, 15, School, and Ellis, 13, School. All the children were reportedly born in Aberdovey, Merionethshire. Boarding with the family were Alexander Hotson Houston, widower, 52, Accountant & Secretary (Limited Companies) from Manchester, England, and Mary Houston, single, 41, Private Means, also from Manchester, England. 
Roberts, Jane (I564)
1070 'A' Chester Terrace Moore, Maysie Jean (I69870)
1071 'Accidentally killed' - no other info. Madsen, Peter Albert (I36334)
1072 'Base born' daughter of Charlotte T and X Toogood, Sarah (I71096)
1073 'birth date' may be christening date. Possible birth date May 1809. Wiggins, John Ward (I36703)
1074 'Little Charlie'.

Buried at Whatawhata. 
Smith, Charles (I34693)
1075 'Lydford', Richmond Avenue Hawkey, Florence Emma (I69856)
1076 (Buried in Grave # VII. C. 39.)
Was a Second Lieutenant, 29th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. Died when the plane he was flying was crashed into by a German plane whose pilot had been killed by a pistol shot be another RFC pilot. 
Wates, Leslie Charles (I27229)
1077 (Bus) Flay, John (I7667)
1078 (Double headstone, lefthand side).
Frances Mackay, farmer of Golticlay, died 1869.
Wife Ann Sutherland died 1833.
(Righthand side).
John Mackay died at Borgue 19th Febuary 1915.
Wife Christina Bruce died at Borgue 6th November 1915.
(Both sides).
Erected to their memory by their family.
Francis Bruce Mackay, Supt Metropolitan Police, Chevalier of Crown of Italy, Order of Crown of Belgium, born Acherole 1862 died Hendon 1951.
Wife Elizabeth Scott of Morfoot interred here.
The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. 
MacKay, John (I33941)
1079 (Double headstone, lefthand side).
Frances Mackay, farmer of Golticlay, died 1869.
Wife Ann Sutherland died 1833.
(Righthand side).
John Mackay died at Borgue 19th Febuary 1915.
Wife Christina Bruce died at Borgue 6th November 1915.
(Both sides).
Erected to their memory by their family.
Francis Bruce Mackay, Supt Metropolitan Police, Chevalier of Crown of Italy, Order of Crown of Belgium, born Acherole 1862 died Hendon 1951.
Wife Elizabeth Scott of Morfoot interred here.
The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. 
Bruce, Christina (I33388)
1080 (Elsie's birth cert) Johncock, James (I90693)
1081 (I assume New Zealand - CH) Family F21121
1082 (Louis death cert) Loder, Ann (I89950)
1083 (Louis death cert) Johncock, James (I90693)
1084 (M.1., g'father Geo. Whale). He went to Askes School and the Royal School of Mines and was trained as a mining assayer. His first appointment seems to have been a tough assignment in Mexico, where he had to guard prisoners in a mine and several of his colleagues died. About this time he broke with the strong and strict nonconformist family tradition to become a Roman Catholic, he was interested in cricket and various games.

In 1889 he came home via New York, where he met his cousins Joe Davis, Robert Hann and Erskine Fisher Jun. After a holiday he went to a goldmine at Huttie, Bangalore, India, where he worked until he settled in England in 1919. He worked at Kologa gold mines before Hutti. In 1907 he was at Linsugar, Deccan, India. Then he became the secretary of the West Kent Dwellings Co. in Woolwich, a property owning company, founded by his father. He died of pernicious anaemia following malaria, which he contracted abroad.

On 30.4.1894 M. Lucia Mary Gilbert in India. She was b. 1.2.1875 (India) d. 27.11.1949 (74) Sidcup. Her family had Irish connections and came from a Roman Catholic community. 9 Chn. They came home on furloughs in 1895, 1900 - 1902.(Did he try to get a job in England ?) In 1907 they came home with six children, leaving five aged between 3 and 11 years behind in boarding schools. It was said that the hot climate was bad for growing children, so it was "the thing" to leave them behind, the parents convincing themselves they were making a great sacrifice for the sake of the children. The psychological effects on the children, by the complete separation from their parents for at least five years, was not considered at that time.

The three boys spent their summer holidays only in their Uncle George's home, where they were welcomed, but they created problems and there were many stories about their escapades The two girls went to a convent school at Redhill, Surrey and were fetched every fortnight by grandfather Joseph's carriage and pair to spend a day at Reigate with Grandma and her niece Ethel Buckley, who were good to them. The boys and the girls rarely saw each other, these arrangements seem to have been unsatisfactory, especially for the boys. It was difficult for Protestant relations to have the responsibility for Catholic children.

In 1912, Lucy stayed in England and made a home for seven children, with little help, having never had to work before. The 3 elder boys were rough and troublesome at first as they were not used to home life, but they settled down and became a very united family. She had to face the An Jetyalone of three boys serving in W.W.I. and later in W.W.II.

Ted was very friendly with his first cousin Martha Hughes, so when she was widowed in 1891, with 15 children to support, Ted made her an allowance, which was very much appreciated, he only stopped paying it at her suggestion, when he had several small children of his own. Ted and Lucy spent happy holidays in Cornwall with Martha and her family. They were devout and conscientious Catholics, loved and respected by their family. Lucy moved to Sidcup after Ted died, she was an entertaining talker with a fund of human stories. She helped many young people, as well as less fortunate elderly relatives and friends. 
Wates, Edward Arthur (I28072)
1085 (Medical):
due to her having had rheumatic fever as a child 
Sims, May (I101061)
1086 (Medical):
Incurred during an industrial accident. 
Mellen, Roy Lionel (I101285)
1087 (Medical):
It is highly likely her death was caused by the birth of her youngest daughter 
Trescororick, Jane (I104672)
1088 (Medical):
Marasmus is a form of protein-calorie malnutrition occuring chiefly in the first year of life with growth retardation and the wasting of subcutaneous fat and muscle 
Mellen, Rosina (I104307)
1089 (Medical):
See attached sources. 
Hooper, William (I101022)
1090 (Medical):
Though it is said, she was in schock following the sudden death of her daughter Kate. 
King, Caroline (I103383)
1091 (Medical):03:15 am Flay, Frederick Herbert (I7250)
1092 (Medical):2 Amputation at hip Daniel, Agnes Sarah (I58033)
1093 (Medical):5' 8" tall, lean, wavy blond hair, blue eyes2 Lewis, Elbert Elva (I14361)
1094 (Medical):5'4" dark hair, brown eyes, very musclular, strong Lewis, Randall Elbert (I14798)
1095 (Medical):According to the 1901 Census (RG13 Piece 4148 Folio 95 Page 21) James Henry suffered from Paralysis. Lambert, James Henry (I3219)
1096 (Medical):Addisons Disease is a condition provoking anaemia, extreme weakness, fainting attacks, tinnitus and skin discolouration - ranging from yellow to dark brown or black as it travels over the body. Treated today by hormone injections it is not fatal. However traditional treatment was common salt and was fatal.
Pulfer, Arthur Benjamin (I49799)
1097 (Medical):Ashes buried with his father in Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales. Davey, John Ashley (I951)
1098 (Medical):Cause of death given as 'phthisis', a contemporary term for tuberculosis. She had been ill with this for 18 months.
Glennie, Mary Helena (I31808)
1099 (Medical):Caused by smoking cigarettes Kenna, Alice (I8117)
1100 (Medical):Cerebral paralysis for 8 months prior to death. Furber, William Cox Burcombe (I4965)
1101 (Medical):Certificate No. DXZ351117 Reg. District - Chippenham Sub District - Chippenham - in the County of Wilts Flay, Thomas (I6914)
1102 (Medical):Certificate No. IO 95771 Entry No. 3 Reg. District - Chatham Sub District - Gillingham Administrative Area - Kent Flay, Herbert Thomas (I7257)
1103 (Medical):Certificate No. IY 160576 Entry No. 32 Reg. District - Chatham Sub District - Medway Administrative Area - Kent Trowbridge, Miriam Annie (I7258)
1104 (Medical):Certified by C.E.M. de Gruchy MRCS Davey, Harold Alfred (I197)
1105 (Medical):Certified by Frederick C. Forster MRCS Cox, Sarah (I67890)
1106 (Medical):Certified by V. Vaughan Owen Powell, Jemima (I29626)
1107 (Medical):Died after a short illness. Perry, Jane Hulford (I27522)
1108 (Medical):Died at age 4 Wates, Susannah Mary Eugenie (I26795)
1109 (Medical):Died at age 51 Hughes, Annie (I26805)
1110 (Medical):Died at age 73 Hughes, Hilda Bertha (I26810)
1111 (Medical):Died at age 74 Hughes, Alice Susannah (I26801)
1112 (Medical):Died at age 83 Wates, Christine Agnes (I26829)
1113 (Medical):Died at age 85 Hughes, Christine Margaret (I26813)
1114 (Medical):Died at age 92 Hughes, Arthur Jordan (I26799)
1115 (Medical):Died following a roof fall at the #2 Marine Colliery, Cwm, Ebbw Vale. Tranter, Edgar Samuel (I13268)
1116 (Medical):Died from strangulation and that he committed suicide by hanging while in a state of unsound mind. Martinelli, Louis (I86023)
1117 (Medical):Died in Civil War Dew, John Marau (I17813)
1118 (Medical):Died suddenly. Wates, Bernard North (I28052)
1119 (Medical):Died through strangulation through piece of meat in throat Norton, John (I81133)
1120 (Medical):Died without leaving valid Will, Researched by Payton & Tate Probate Genealogists London UK. Estate split to Uncles and Aunts (or issue thereoff) refer correspondence 2002 & 2003 Payton & Tate and Weld & Beven Solicitors Enfield.
Peacock, Irene M. (I49907)
1121 (Medical):Elsie died in the Flu epidemic. She is buried in the Old Cemetery, Southampton Common along with her father and his first wife Martha Sampson. The
date of burial for Elsie 20 March 1919 aged 21 years Interment No 095726 Grave 009/184. 
Mitchell, Elsie Grace Victoria (I59457)
1122 (Medical):Had been sick for two years Flay, Joseph Henry (I8009)
1123 (Medical):He was a Merchant Seaman and sadly he was lost at sea on 15.11.1933 at the age of 28 when the S.S. Saxilby went down during a storm in the Atlantic. There were no survivors. Watkins, Thomas Honddu (I102487)
1124 (Medical):Her grandmother, Mary Ridges, was shown as informant on the Death Certificate. Her address at the time was 55 Lower Alfred Street, Southampton. Old, Doris Winifred (I59456)
1125 (Medical):Imbecile from birth (1891 England Census for Stansted, Essex). Sanders, Emma H. (I53456)
1126 (Medical):Informant - Keturah Taylor, daughter of The Causeway, Chippenham, present at the death.
Date registered: 24 Oct 1881. 
Boscombe, Peregrine (I54963)
1127 (Medical):Informant - the mark of Caroline Bullock, present at the death, Corsham.
Date registered: 12 Oct 1853. 
Boscombe, Mary (I55004)
1128 (Medical):Informant E. G. Boscombe, widow of deceased, 95 Queens Road, Reading.
Date registered: 11 Jul 1854 
Boscombe, Mervyn Frederick James (I54900)
1129 (Medical):Informant F. W. Boscombe widower of deceased present at death.
Date registered: 30 Jan 1922. 
Read, Mary Jane (I54960)
1130 (Medical):Informant George Henry Compton Williams, Mary Ann (I49962)
1131 (Medical):Informant Georgina May Ellis, present at the death, Broughton.
Date registered: 2 Jul 1928. 
Boyes, Faith Elizabeth Hannah Mary Martha (I55000)
1132 (Medical):Informant: Alfred Crockett, Master, Union Workhouse, Christchurch.
Date registered: 8 Apr 1908. 
Boscombe, Reginald (I55065)
1133 (Medical):Informant: Eliza Baker present at the death, Corsham.
Date registered: 14 Jul 1854. 
Boscombe, John (I55003)
1134 (Medical):Informant: Ethel Boscombe, mother, in attendance.
Date registered: 24 Mar 1924 
Boscombe, Cyril Charles Francis (I54990)
1135 (Medical):Informant: Faith E. H. M. M. Boscombe, widow of deceased, Apsley House, Queenswood Road, Broughton.
Date registered 17 Oct 1925. 
Boscombe, Peregrine Charles James Frederick (I54959)
1136 (Medical):Informant: I. D. Owens, daughter, 69 Highbridge Road, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. Williams, Susannah (I1325)
1137 (Medical):Informant: Mary Pain, mother present at death.
Date registered: 18 Jul 1907 
Pain, Reginald Ronald Herbert (I55064)
1138 (Medical):Informant: Peregrine Boscome present at the death.
Date registered: 24 Jul 1846. 
Boscombe, Alice Sarah (I55005)
1139 (Medical):Informant: William B. Whitmarsh, Coroner, Chippenham.
Note: Date Certificate registered 24 Nov 1851 - did John go missing and the body not found for some time? 
Boscombe, John (I54966)
1140 (Medical):Informatn John Boscombe, Son, present at death.
Registered 21 Feb 1900. 
Baker, Jemima Little (I54962)
1141 (Medical):Knocked down by a tram. Compton, Henry (I49961)
1142 (Medical):Late of 24 Tennyson Road, Bath, widow of John Boscombe, Basket Maker.
Informant: Fred T. Jackson, Master, Workhouse Infirmary.
Date registered: 31 Oct 1917. 
Baker, Naomi (I55002)
1143 (Medical):Medical Information: Cystic thyroid enlargement (20 years), tertiary syphilis (33 years)
Williams, Elsie May (I62807)
1144 (Medical):Multiple illnesses. Watkins, James Elfed (I445)
1145 (Medical):Onset of cause was 22 hrs beforehand. Also suffered from rheumatic & arteriosclerotic heart disease, renal insufficiency. Widmyer, Martha Irene (I8098)
1146 (Medical):Paul Halliday notes:

Died after falling off his bicycle after his head kissed the pavement. 
Fitch, Leslie Joshua Newlands (I66431)
1147 (Medical):Paul Halliday notes:

Died on the operating table. 
Fitch, Kathleen Florence Newlands (I66428)
1148 (Medical):Paul Halliday notes:

The story goes she wanted to go out but husband objected. He went nuts and shot her. He later walked to the back garden before taking his own life. All witnessed by their young son who had to later attend the inquest. 
Horne, Leonard James (I66458)
1149 (Medical):Paul Halliday notes:

The story goes she wanted to go out but husband objected. He went nuts and shot her. He later walked to the back garden before taking his own life. All witnessed by their young son who had to later attend the inquest. 
Fitch, Frances Marian (I58010)
1150 (Medical):PM certified Oady, Ann (I7606)
1151 (Medical):Presumably, died during childbirth. Candy, Elizabeth (I114905)
1152 (Medical):Robert was a widower, living in the local Alms house. He was 84 years old when he fell. A coroners inquest was held 26/10/1879, by the deputy coroner for Buckinghamshire - George A Charsley. Loder, Robert (I90319)
1153 (Medical):See attached sources. Bradley, Esther Letitia (I87876)
1154 (Medical):See attached sources. Tingey, John (I54227)
1155 (Medical):See attached sources. Cotter, Percival Herbert (I52869)
1156 (Medical):See attached sources. Lord, John (I39571)
1157 (Medical):See attached sources. Sinclair, John (I36882)
1158 (Medical):Severe arthritis, curled fingers. Williams, Samuel (I7476)
1159 (Medical):Suffered from mental illness and was infirmed for many years. Wates, Ruth Anne (I27331)
1160 (Medical):Suicide Glanville, Ann E. (I109778)
1161 (Medical):Suicide: Cyanide poisoning Takuma, Edward Causton (I111894)
1162 (Medical):Test text concerning cause of death Twigg, Sarah Ann (I11633)
1163 (Medical):The following conditions were also significant: ASCVD, CHF, AS cerebrovasc. dis. Flay, Joseph Michael (I8097)
1164 (Medical):was pregnant at the time of her death O'Leary, Theresa Ann (I28370)
1165 (Medical):Went to hospital for a test and the main artery collapsed Kenna, Gerald (I8119)
1166 (Medical):Work accident - collapsed staircase Hayward, Stella May (I110752)
1167 (Next to Barn Lane) Blacksmith. Greenwood, James (I90205)
1168 (no record for 1908 but yes for 1902! Judd, Dorothy (I73376)
1169 (Plumber) Flay, James (I8099)
1170 (Second) Baptism of Ethel Frances Martinelli Martinelli, Louis (I86023)
1171 (Second) Baptism of Ethel Frances Martinelli Martinelli, Louis (I86023)
1172 (tentative) In 1841 census, Matthew and Elizabeth are living in Foxhole, Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales. He is from Ireland. Also living with them is a daughter Ellen (Elinor?) who is 9 months old. In addition Philip Carrolan aged 45 (brother?) plus one other man live there. Both Philip and Matthew are described as Labourers.
No real trace of Ellen/Elinor after this. Did she die as a child? Died a week before her older sister Mary. Did they have the same illness? 
Carolan, Eleanor (I48047)
1173 (tentative) In 1841 census, Philip, Matthew and Elizabeth are living in Foxhole, Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales. He is from Ireland. Also living with them is a daughter Ellen (Elinor?) who is 9 months old. In addition Philip Carrolan aged 45 (This must behis father? census at this time sometimes 'rounded up/down' dates to nearest 5 years) plus one other man live there. Both Philip and Matthew are described as Labourers. Buried in Key Hill Cemetary, Hockley Birmingham. Carolan, Philip (I48320)
1174 (Win's birth cert) Johncock, James (I90693)
1175 ). As a boy he could draw well and won a second prize in an open competition of the Agriculture and Fisheries Exhibition about 1883. Went to St.Marks College (the headmaster was Cannon Cornwell), then to United Westminster College. He was then sent to a firm of accountants in the City to be trained in business methods. At the end of the year he became his father's assistant being employed by his father, not by the vestry. He spent his life in Local Government, starting as his father's assistant in Chelsea. Later he became one of the Relieving Officers, first in Chelsea then in Paddington, where he subsequently became one of the Registrars for Births and Deaths, also Vaccination Officer. He was very interested in architecture, introducing his children to Old London.

He was a fine amateur cellist, self taught, and on one occasion played as a solo cellist in the Queens Hall. He was a very reliable man with a great sense of responsibility, and very even tempered. His was a most happy home, to which his lovable disposition attracted many friends, often to play chamber music. His house was virtually the London pied-a-terre for all the scattered family in their comings and goings, and at times the home of some of the younger ones. In his unobtrusive way he gave much help and was sort by relatives and friends for counsel and advice. He would have liked to travel like his brothers, but his sense of family responsibility prevented this. In appearance he is said to resemble Edward Wates, Mayor of Gravesend.

17.10.1895 m. Alice Edith Fox (d. 1932) 2 Chn. She may be connected with Sir Joseph Williamson, mentioned in the Diaries of Pepys and Evelyn. 
Hughes, William Jarman (I26798)
1176 ). He probably met cousin a in England during World War II. He died over the Himalayas in air transport. m. 0 Chn. She remarried. Wates, John Leonard Gostwick (I27180)
1177 * Note: Indentured as printing apprentice in Truro from 10 October 1866 to 10 October 1873; soon after the end of his apprenticeship he went to London where he worked as a printer; became a member of the London Society of Compositors; having married in London and had several children there, he and his family moved to Brighton in about 1890, and his younger children were born there; a few years after the birth of their youngest child in 1895, they moved to Penzance, and they were living at Penair Terrace, Penzance in 1900 when their son Stanley was baptised, at the age of 9 yrs; still later they moved back to Truro, where Eli's wife died; Eli himself died in the School house, Wadebridge (the home of his son Stanley) on 11 February 1929. Eli made a will dated 12 May 1919, when he was living at 20 St, George's Road, Truro, with his son Stanley; he had been living at 37 Lemon Street, Truro, 1914, before the death of his wife; Johns, Eli James Lilly (I70255)
1178 Williams, Elizabeth (I709)
1179 , St Paul. Parsons, Edna May (I90615)
1180 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, Albert (I97832)
1181 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, Emma Edith (I97831)
1182 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, Ellen (I97830)
1183 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Lucas, Maria (I97818)
1184 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Muston, Clarissa (I97825)
1185 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, Charles (I97826)
1186 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, George (I97828)
1187 , was with his wife Claressa, 31. born Tarrant Launceston, Dorset, Prince, James (I97821)
1188 - Appears In 1861 Census Robinson, George (I48728)
1189 - Appears In 1871 Census Robinson, Jessie (I48734)
1190 - Does Not Appear In 1871 Census McAlpine, John (I48697)
1191 - Glasgow Or Caithness Sutherland, Peter (I42702)
1192 Pike, William John (I100289)
1193 . (Next to Barn Lane) Employed at home. Greenwood, Elizabeth (I90148)
1194 . 28.10.1875 m. James McCarthy, Par. Ch. Camberwell. c/o parents 1861. James, Station Master of Denmark St., father Owen McCarthy, Warrant Officer, R.N. Wates, Annabella (I26788)
1195 . Farm carter. Carpenter, Frederick (I90360)
1196 . General Labourer. Harrietts brother, renting room. Carpenter, Frederick (I90360)
1197 . In 1871 he was a Draper's Assistant living at Alma House, 56 Powis St., assisted by cousin Emma Wates (24). He helped his mother with the toy shop at 3 High Street, Woolwich after his father died, until on 30.4.1875 he married Kate Owen.

Kate Owen of Welsh ancestry b. 1853 living at 8 Caston Terrace, Shepherds Bush, her father Randal Owen, Excise Officer. He was a stationer living at 1 Dulford Street, Notting Hill. His father, Samuel Wates (dec.), Clark to the Board of Guardians, Greenwich. They were married at St. Stephens Par. Ch. Hammersmith, Mx. after banns. Witnesses Henry Fowle sand Henrietta Ann Parfitt. 3 Chn.

Then he had a toy shop at 81 Albyn Road, Deptford New Town. It is said that Kate had an ancestor who was hung for sheep stealing in the 13th or 14th Century, also one who served under the Welsh legendary hero Owen Glendower. Her 2nd m. was to James Ebenezer Wates, Ambrose's first cousin, 1 Ch. (CH IV). 
Wates, Ambrose John (I27876)
1198 . Living on own means, with Ellen sister. Greenwood, Sarah (I90217)
1199 . m. to Ernest Davies 8.10.1893 (Bro. of Alfred) Clerk at Windsor, 1 Ch. Roberts, Katie Matilda (I26696)
1200 .Glazier Ayre, Isaac (I90676)
1201 Williams, Paul Douglas (I15758)
1202 02/10/1785 Cox, Sarah (I39746)
1203 07/B005887 Collins, Gwendoline Mabel Glennie (I33133)
1204 08/0022105 Collins, Conrad Carden (I31806)
1205 0Cart
Family history search
Marriage Certificate
Record information

Event Marriage

Event registration number 4329

Registration year 1934
Personal information

Family name SLEVEN

Given names Hilda Emery

Sex Unknown

Spouse's family name HARRIS

Spouse's given names Jno David
Family F28682
1206 1 After Move To NY: Flay, Grace (I8110)
1207 1 Ballance Street Francis, Thomas (I95557)
1208 1 Claremount Terrace, Kelvingrove McKay, George (I42883)
1209 1 Claremount Terrace, Kelvingrove MacKay, Henrietta (I42712)
1210 1 Coulsons Buildings Ford, Selina (I45000)
1211 1 Crowmere Avenue.
frc ref 2b 52 q3 age 88 Emma present at death 
Crouch, Charlotte (I56897)
1212 1 Dando Cottages Penny, Sidney James (I60796)
1213 1 Eastwoodmains Road MacArthur, Elizabeth Isabella Grierson (I49019)
1214 1 Linney Street Farkins, Teresa (I73176)
1215 1 Maxwell Drive Family F12972
1216 1 Muirhead Place, Scotland Street Robinson, Mary Ann (I48731)
1217 1 Palace Road (now 47 Lambeth Palace Road) Grieve, Thomas (I83007)
1218 1 Parry Place, West Plumstead Johncock, James Clark (I90027)
1219 1 Ramshill Stock, George (I91231)
1220 1 Rose Cottages, Park Avenue Filling, Charles (I73414)
1221 1 Shields Place, St. James Street Robinson, Ann Jane Irvine (I48732)
1222 1 Spring Gardens Williams, Irene Ada (I7747)
1223 1 Spring Gardens Williams, Samuel (I7476)
1224 1 Spring Gardens Williams, Dorothy Gertrude (I7746)
1225 1 Spring Gardens Williams, Irene Ada (I7747)
1226 1 Spring Gardens Williams, Gwenneth May (I7748)
1227 1 St James Avenue

GRO ref battle 5h 31 q4 
Ayling, Ellen Annie (I56736)
1228 1 St James Avenue,
frc ref battle 5h 11 q1 
Britt, Emily Alma (I56608)
1229 1 St James Avenue,
GRO ref Battle 5h 31 Q4 
Spray, Raymond Lester (I56618)
1230 1 St James' Church Yard Griffin, Emily (I90495)
1231 1 The Elms, Swindon Road Ayres, Daniel (I44328)
1232 1 Watch Oak Cottages,
Exact date from cemetery record frc ref battle 5h 40 q1 
Spray, William Caleb (I57008)
Registration of Birth Certificate No. BXBZ 985474 Entry No. 311
Registration District - Calne Sub District - Calne
Registration Date - 6/6/1868
Flay, Thomas (I6914)
Recorded as FLAG by International Genealogical Index by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

From the 1871 Census (RG10 Piece 1901 Folio 48 Page 12) John, widower, 74, Agricultural Labourer, was in Curzon Street, Calne, Wiltshire, England. With him were his son-in-law John Spackman, 43, Agricultural Labourer, and daughter Phebe, 36. 
Flay, John (I7316)
Marriage Certificate No. 108 [Page No. 36 ]
In the presence of
Minister -
Registration District - Chippenham 
Family F1966
Marriage Certificate No. C 1491 [Entry No. 14]
In the presence of George Hand & Emma Flay
Minister -Robert G Wheeler
Registration District - Calne
Copy of Certificate obtained 8.8.1933 
Family F1933
Marriage Certificate No. C. 15271 [Entry No. 120]
In the presence of Percival Gilbert Hillier and Ada May Flay
Minister - Robert G Wheeler
Registration District - CALNE
Registrar Harold R Gross
Copy of Certificate Obtained 3.12.1921 
Family F1932
1238 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1928
Marriage Certificate No. MXA 075943 Entry No. 365
In the presence of Rhoda Goodship & George Clack
Minister - Charles Clarke
Registration District - Calne 
Family F3953
Marriage Certificate No. TE 312171 [Entry No. 241]
In the presence of Alfred Mortimer, Joseph Crook
Minister - S Cavan, Curate of Trinity Church
Registration District - Chippenhan 
Family F1824
1241 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 1851 2nd VIII 321 Calne
Flay, Samuel Poulsom (I7704)
1242 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 1855 4th 5a 61 Calne
Flay, Elizabeth Jane (I7712)
1243 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 18763rd5a 75Calne
Flay, Susan (I7362)
1244 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 1878 1st 5a 85 Calne

From the 1881 Census (RG11 Piece 2035 Folio 75 Page 26) George H, 3, born Calne, Wiltshire, was with his parents Henry (Junior), 45, Mason's Labourer from Calne, Wiltshire, and Kezia, 45, from Studley, Wiltshire, at Back Street, Calne, Wiltshire, England. With him were his sisters Ada E, 5, Scholar born Calne, Wiltshire, and Florence, 1, born Calne, Wiltshire. Boarding with the family was (Kezia's brother) Hezekiah, 43, Mason's Labourer from Studley, Wiltshire.

From the 1891 Census (RG12 Piece 1596 Folio 59, Page 9) George H, 13, Errand Boy, was with his parents Henry, 55, Mason's Labourer, and Keziah, 55, at Church Street, Calne, Wiltshire, England. With him was his sister Florence, 11, Scholar. Everyone was reportedly born in Calne, Wiltshire. 
Flay, Henry George (I7464)
1245 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 1879 3rd 5a 78 Calne
Marriage 1900 2nd 5a 193 Calne

From the 1881 Census (RG11 Piece 2035 Folio 75 Page 26) Florence, 1, born Calne, Wiltshire, was with her parents Henry (Junior), 45, Mason's Labourer from Calne, Wiltshire, and Kezia, 45, from Studley, Wiltshire, at Back Street, Calne, Wiltshire, England. With her were her siblings Ada E, 5, Scholar born Calne, Wiltshire, and George H, 3, born Calne, Wiltshire. Boarding with the family was (Kezia's brother) Hezekiah, 43, Mason's Labourer from Studley, Wiltshire.

From the 1891 Census (RG12 Piece 1596 Folio 59, Page 9) Florence, 11, Scholar, was with her parents Henry, 55, Mason's Labourer, and Keziah, 55, at Church Street, Calne, Wiltshire, England. With her was her brother George H, 13, Errand Boy. Everyone was reportedly born in Calne, Wiltshire.

From the 1901 Census (RG13 Piece 1909 Folio 85 Page 18) Florence, 22, from Calne, Wiltshire, was with her husband Samuel, 32, Engine Fitters Labourer from Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, and sister-in-law Mary Jane, 19 from Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, at 8 Market Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, England. 
Flay, Florence (I7463)
1246 1. Record Office Details

Type Year Quarter Number District
Birth 1912 1st 5a 145 Calne
Flay, Frederick Vaughan (I7709)
1247 1. Record Office Details

Type YearQuarter Number District
Birth 1853 3rd 5a 56 Calne
Flay, Maria (I7703)
1248 1. Record Office Details

Type YearQuarterNumberDistrict
Birth 19242nd5c 595Shepton Mallet
Flay, Kenneth Herbert G. (I7523)
1249 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/144th s hare = £4.01 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Slade, Winifred May (I7283)
1250 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/360th s hare = £1.61 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Rouse, Sidney Thomas Arthur (I7287)
1251 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/360th s hare = £1.61 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Rouse, Herbert Cecil Walter (I7290)
1252 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd sh are = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Flay, Hilda Mary (I7276)
1253 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd sh are = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Flay, Elsie Doris (I7274)
1254 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd sh are = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Flay, Ernest George (I7273)
1255 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd sh are = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Flay, Winifred Mildred (I7275)
1256 1. Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/9th sha re = £64.24 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Hand, Ada Ann (I7295)

Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd share = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972.

Registration of Birth Certificate No. Entry No. 361
Registration District - Calne Sub District - Calne
Registration Date - 14.2.1898 Registrar - William F. Eattell.

3. Copy of Birth Certificate Issued 24.6.1912 under Factory and Workshop A ct. Cert. Copy signed by Bertram Stackman, Supt. Registrar.

4. Fought in World War One 4th Battalion Tank Corps in France & Germany Regimental No 301735

History Tank Corps

The British were the first nation during the 1914-18 war to commit Tanks to Battle. In 1916 the Battle of the Somme was not going well for the British. On the opening day, the 1st July, the British had suffered 60,0 00 casualties. Haig had been in discussions with Swinton about using Tanks on the first day, but the Tank had undergone a rapid development and their crews were still far from trained. Swinton agreed to commit three of his six newly formed Tank companies to the melee on the Somme. They arrived during August and September that year, the last Company arriving too late to take part in the up and coming battle. On the morning of the 15th September 1916, the first Tanks crossed no mans land. Only 49 were committed to the battle and of that number only 36 crossed the start line. The new weapon caused panic amongst the German troops, but the breakthrough that Haig had hoped for was impossible. Sufficient numbers were not available to achieve any real major success. Even though a breakthrough had not been achieved, the local successes of Tanks operating in ones and twos had demonstrated to Haig the value of the new weapon. The most reported local success of the Tanks on that day, being a single Tank travelling down the main street of Fler. By the second day the losses of Tanks due to mechanical break down, bogging, and losses to the enemy fire had reduced the initial 49 to practically nothing. The infantry were again left to fend for themselves. The dead lock still remained intact on the Western Front, but Haig had seen the potential of the new weapon and ordered an additional 1000 Tanks.

This is the Story of the Tank during the Great War.

During the Second World War the Tanks of the German Panzer Divisions created and helped to perpetuate the myth of German invincibility up until 194 3. The First Tanks of the Great War were a far cry from the machines of 21 years later. The Tanks of the Great War were unreliable, difficult and stressful to use, with limited range and speed. They were designed to crush the wire entanglements in no mans land, neutralise the Germans' Machine Guns and cross the German trenches. They were not the machines of Blitzkrieg of the Second World War.

Through 1916 and most of 1917, they were available in small numbers and misused by the British High Command in Penny Packets. During this time, the Tank Corps attracted some of the brightest of the British Officers Corps, who envisaged a wider application for the new weapon. Fuller was the pre-eminent thinker in the British Army during the 1914-1918 War and the 1920s, with regards the application of the Tank in combat. He saw the Tank and its crews being wasted on the battlefields of Messine Ridge and Ypres (Passchendaele), in 1917. In both cases, the ground was unsuitable for Tank operations, the Artillery cratering the landscape prior to the attack. At Ypres the Artillery bombardment had turned the battlefield into a bog, that swallowed men and Tanks alike. During this period, Fuller convinced Haig to carry out a limited Tank raid at Cambrai. The ground at Cambrai was well suited to Tank operations and it's success (in November 1917) came at a time when many senior commanders started to question the value of the Tank Corps (especially in the light of infantry losses on the Battlefield of Ypres).

With the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, large numbers of German Troops were released from the East to reinforce the German Western Armies. This was the next great test of the Tank Corps. Ludendorff's assault on the 21st March 1918 was not unexpected, but it success was. Fuller had attended a conference at GHQ on the 2nd March 1918 to plan for defensive operations against the expected German offensive. The British 5th Army commander General Gough, suggested digging Tanks into strong points. Fuller could not support this idea as it went against his theories on the use of Tanks in Battle. The Tank was a mobile weapon; therefore it would be used to the best advantage in defence, if its mobility was exploited. He proposed a tactic that became known as "Savage Rabbits" where Tanks would be positioned in a dugout and would rush forward at the most opportune moment and engage the enemy. This went against his own theories on concentration and created a logistical nightmare, which accounted for the 120 Tanks lost in the first week of the German offensive. Many of the Tanks lost in the first week had run out of fuel or simply cut off when the Germans avoided them as they moved forward. The German tactics of infiltration involved avoiding strong points by the initial assault, leaving the strong points to be dealt with by latter waves of troops. Though the Germans advanced deep into the British lines they were unable to break through. These were desperate days for the British Army. By August the Allies had regained the ground they had lost earlier. The Tank Corps making a significant contribution this period.

On the 8th August the British attacked at Amiens, which was described by Ludendorff as the Germans "Blackest Day of the war". The attack at Amiens consisted of the British 4th Army and the French 1st Army, the Canadian Corps, the Australian Corps and the III Corps formed the British 4th Army. The Canadians and Australians led the attack an hour before sunrise on the 8th August. These were two of the finest fighting formations on the Western Front and were described in "White Heat" (by John Terraine) as elite troops. The Canadian and Australian Corps were supported by 420 Tanks in 12 Battalions (10 Heavy Battalions and 2 Whippet Battalions) of the Tank Corps. The offensive was so successful, that an 11-mile gap was made in the German lines. By the 11th August the offensive was over. The effect of Amiens on the German morale was devastating. The German Army was defeated. As Fuller described it, when describing the remainder of the War, "the rest was minor Tactics". This was the last battle the Tank Corps committed large numbers of Tanks to. The Tank Corps on the 11th August was only able to muster 38 serviceable Tanks.

The Tank Corps fought through to the end of the war taking part in the successful actions at Bapaume, Arras, Epehy, St Quentin, Selle and Mauberge. The Tank Corps suffered in the closing stages of the war under improved German antitank tactics. The Tanks were forced to operate in the "Half Light" as John Terraine described it. Irrespective of what conditions they were forced to operate in, they significantly boosted the morale of the infantry. In the course of two and a half years the Tank had left the drawing board and became an effective weapon overcoming distrust and misuse, contributing to the Allied victory in 1918.

Companies and Detachments of the Heavy Branch, Machine Gun Corps (Later The Tank Corps)

Company Formed Arrived In France Notes

A Company May - 1916 September - 1916 Expanded to become A Battalion in November 1916

B Company May - 1916 October - 1916 Expanded to become B Battalion in November 1916

C Company May - 1916 August - 1916 Expanded to become C Battalion in November 1916

D Company May - 1916 August - 1916 Expanded to become D Battalion in November 1916
4th Battalion Tank Corps

Originally D Company, Expanded to become D Battalion in Nov 1916, redesignated 4th Battalion in Jan 1918.


Somme 1916 (As C Company)
Arras April 1917
Messines Ridge June 1917
Ypres July-October 1917
Cambrai November 1917
Amiens August 1918
Bapaume August 1918
Epehy September 1918
Battle of Cambrai-St Quentin September/October 1918 
Flay, Herbert Thomas (I7257)
1258 1.20 am Moore, Thomas Christopher (I69926)

Registration of Birth - Book No.24 Entry No. 66.
Registration District - Bucklebury Sub District - Bucklebury
Registration Date - 23.8.1899


Parish of Ashampstead in the County of Berkshire.
Baptism performed by F W Harper Primitive Methodist Minister on 18.09.1899
Register Book of Baptisms at Bradfield 7th October 1899.


Miriam first worked for the McQuie's at Splatts Farm, Heddington. McQuie's later moved to Calstone. Miriam was a nursemaid to Freda McQuie (deceased) - a teacher at Holy Trinity School Calne. Miriam went to work in Harris's factory and lodged with Auntie Fanny at 3 Mill Street. Where presumably she met Bert. When first married Bert & Miriam lived at Moggs Lane, Blacklands - where Fred was born. They later moved to 123 London Road, where Peter was born. Then to 121 London Road for some years. In 1938 they moved to 90 London Road. In May 1964 moved to Gillingham.


During Second World War, Miriam worked again part-time at Harris's under the Direction of Labour Act, enforceable at that time. 
Trowbridge, Miriam Annie (I7258)
1260 1.Share from the Estate of Mrs E R Beazley Deceased amounted to 1/72nd sha re = £8.03 and the said address being as at 14 December 1972. Flay, Alice Maud (I7270)
1261 1/83 Monument Road Barker, William Henry (I1047)
1262 10 Barrock St., Botchergate O’Toole, Elizabeth Ann (I51926)
1263 10 Battery Square
Paul, Samuel Charles (I45003)
1264 10 Battery Square Paul, John (I44986)
1265 10 Battery Square Paul, Francis James (I45004)
1266 10 Broughton Road Toogood, Mary (I65761)
1267 10 Chalfont Road Bradley, Esther Letitia (I87876)
1268 10 children 
Hall, Henry (I66972)
1269 10 Children Family F17847
1270 10 Court, Inkerman Street Wright, Penelope (I79654)
1271 10 Crowhurst St. Spray, William (I56205)
1272 10 Curzon Street Brown, Alan (I61826)
1273 10 December 1946 at Liverpool, Probate of his mother's Will. Maysmor, Charles William Kinsey (I100604)
1274 10 Ellerside Grove, Northfield Boots, Frances Julia (I102951)
1275 10 Elnido Grove Griffin, Catherine (I110888)
1276 10 Fairview Road, Mt. Eden Kirk, James (I36415)
1277 10 Fountain Cottages Nicholson, William (I42851)
1278 10 Fountain Road,
Source David Bradford 
Bradford, Albert (I56783)
1279 10 Irlam Street Gingell, Patricia A. (I242)
1280 10 Laundry Road, Winton Pain, Reginald Ronald Herbert (I55064)
1281 10 Laundry Road, Winton Pain, Reginald Ronald Herbert (I55064)
1282 10 mos on 1871 census
Q2 1870 Eastbourne vol 2b p66 
Verrall, Tilden Spray (I56351)
1283 10 Outram Street Payne, John William (I98192)
1284 10 Turner Street, MacArthur, Jessie Irvine Copeland (I49041)
1285 10 Turner Street, MacArthur, Elizabeth Isabella Grierson (I49019)
1286 10 Wells Place Penny, Mary Ann (I60797)
1287 10, The Close Judd, Ann Cynthia (I73239)
1288 100 Paisley Road West, Berry, Maria Deschlein (I48645)
1289 100-year-old recalls sinking of Titanic
From the archive, first published Friday 26th Aug 2005.
DORIS Flay who celebrated her 100th birthday at the weekend was at sea wh en the Titanic sank in 1912.
Mrs Flay was on board a ship in the Atlantic on the fateful April day wh en the liner branded unsinkable hit an iceberg and sank, with the lo ss of 1,500 lives.
Her son Michael said: "She was with her family travelling across the Atlan tic when the Titanic went down, but they were too far away to do anythi ng about it.
"She was only six but she remembers seeing the icebergs and hearing the bu zz around the ship about messages from the Titanic."
Mrs Flay, her parents and younger sister were emigrating to Canada, from t heir native Slough, and arrived safely to start a new life.
The family stayed in Canada for just three years, where another sister w as born, but returned when Mrs Flay's father became ill. He died while sti ll in his 30s.
The family settled in Holt, where they had family and Mrs Flay gr ew up to join the family bedding firm.
In 1933 she married Jack Flay and the couple went on to have three childre n, Michael, now 70, Roy, 65, and Joan, 57.
Mr Flay served in the RAF during the Second World War and worked for the W iltshire Friendly Society in Trowbridge.
He was well-known in the town as choir master at Holy Trinity Church and t he couple were both very involved in the church, a link Mrs Flay maintain ed after her husband's death in 1973.
Mrs Flay remained independent into her 90s but moved to the Romney House r esidential home four years ago.
Trowbridge mayor Arthur Ransom joined family, friends, staff and residen ts to help her celebrate reaching 100 on Saturday.

OBITUARY: Mrs Doris Flay
From the Wiltshire Times, first published Friday 27th Jan 2006.
ONE of Trowbridge's oldest residents has passed away at the age of 100. Do ris Flay was a resident at Romney House residential home in the town.
Her funeral was held at St James' Church on January 17 and was well attend ed by family and friends, who celebrated her remarkable life.
Doris was born on August 20, 1905, in Slough to parents Charles William a nd Sarah Jane Sawtell.
She was the oldest of three sisters, Vi and Grace.
Her father was a representative for Singer Sewing Machines and as a resu lt the family went to Canada back and forth twice before she was seven-yea rs-old.
Her final journey back to the UK was on the Royal George in 1912.
Her memory of the journey was of a message being played on board that t he Titanic was sinking in the Atlantic and the Royal George had receiv ed a plea to go to the ship's assistance. Unfortunately, the vessel was t oo far away to help.
The family had returned home because her father was ill and he died in h is 30s.
On her return to England, Mrs Flay lived in Holt for 20 years. She work ed in the office of the family firm, Sawtell's bed makers.
She met Jack Flay while playing tennis in Holt and they married in St Kath arine's Church before moving to Trowbridge in 1933.
They had three children, Michael, Roy and Joan.
Mr Flay was the organist and choirmaster at Holy Trinity Church in Trowbri dge and the pair enjoyed 40 happy years of marriage before he passed aw ay in 1973.
Mrs Flay took great pride in her beautiful garden in The Mount, Trowbrid ge and was also a keen knitter.
Her family and her faith meant everything to her and she was a regular wor shipper at St James' Church.
During her 80s and 90s Mrs Flay battled against several illnesses but disp layed great courage and character to bounce back each time.
Mrs Flay also smoked for 77 years before she decided to kick the hab it at the age of 93.
She lived alone in her bungalow until she was 95 when she moved to Romn ey House in Trowbridge.
Doris is survived by her three children, nine grandchildren Richard, Cathe rine, Nicholas, James, Maria, Peter, Philip, Mathew and Daniel, and great- grandchildren Connor, Rowan and Charly. 
Sawtell, Doris (I9068)
1290 101 Asplins Road Phillips, Miriam Ethel (I84247)
1291 101 Caledonia Road Scott, George Alexander (I48658)
1292 101 Caledonia Road Family F14427
1293 101 Greenford Avenue Baily, Arthur Henry (I71147)
1294 101 Union Street

1901 census RG13/4864 
Gannon, Mary Ann (I51924)
1295 102 Cator Street Ruelens, Desire Joseph (I90463)
1296 102 Cator Street Lenton, Mary Ann Emily (I90467)
1297 102 St. Marks Road Musselwhite, Marjorie Alice (I81566)
1298 1021/13 p 20 Taylor, Thomas (I56352)
1299 1028 Fenton, Samuel (I104754)
1300 103 Mary Street, Tidal Basin Graves, Arthur (I51617)
1301 1031/40 p12 - 42 Crowhurst St. Spray, William (I56205)
1302 104 McLean Street Murray, Unity (I49091)
1303 105 The Pippin Gingell, Ellen (I6871)
1304 106 Catherine Street Bull, Lily Alberta (I76)
1305 106 Plantation Street Berry, Margaret Cruickshank Harkins (I48646)
1306 106 Stanley Street Robinson, Thomasina (I48733)
1307 106 Ystrad Road Berry, Frederick Thomas (I48629)
1308 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Roger Meredith (I44982)
1309 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Thomas George (I44991)
1310 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Ronald (I44993)
1311 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Albert Gordon (I44995)
1312 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Mabel Rebecca (I44989)
1313 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Gwenllian (I44990)
1314 106 Ystrad Road Paul, James John (I44992)
1315 106 Ystrad Road Paul, Alfred John (I45813)
1316 107 Greenford Avenue Robinson, Elizabeth (I71146)
1317 107 Kennard Street Cadogan, Alice (I45475)
1318 107 Poplar Avenue Wates, Rebecca (I27692)
1319 107 Poplar Avenue Horlock, Gwladys Muriel Wates (I27695)
1320 107 Sutton Road Mazzocchi, Raffaele (I13050)
1321 108 Boysen Road Griffin, Emma (I90563)
1322 108 Boyson Road Rowe, Ernest Frederick (I90409)
1323 108 Boyson Road, Newington South, Emma Gardner death cert. Rowe, Bertie William Stanley (I90398)
1324 109 Douglas Street
Event Description: Date of birth stated on baptism register. 
Horlock, Robert Hambidge (I88391)
1325 109 Great Cambridge Street Russell, William Henry (I90745)
1326 109 Great Cambridge Street Lloyd, Martha Emma (I90959)
1327 109 Plantation Street McAlpine, Thomas (I48676)
1328 109 Plantation Street McAlpine, Clara Deschlein Berry (I48675)
1329 109 Plantation Street Berry, Edwin Charles (I48426)
1330 109 Plantation Street Berry, Maria Deschlein (I42707)
1331 109 Plantation Street McAlpine, Thomas (I48676)
1332 109 Wyeverne Road Uppington, Keziah (I67157)
1333 11 Ann Street, Ratcliff Mead, Elizabeth Maria (I64909)
1334 11 Avondale Sq., Old Kent Rd. Spray, Harry (I56199)
1335 11 Chestnut Grove Valentine, George Ernest (I14176)
1336 11 Children Family F17846
1337 11 children: 
Hine, Edwin (I66959)
1338 11 Coinage Hall Street
Paul, Selina Ann (I45867)
1339 11 Conway Road Flay, Lily May (I7914)
1340 11 Coventry Road. Old, Doris Winifred (I59456)
1341 11 Crowhurst St. Spray, Seth (I56203)
1342 11 Crowhurst Street Napp, Henry (I56335)
1343 11 descendents traced over 4 generations Float, Thomas Henry (I41225)
1344 11 Gower Street, Lozells Barker, George Edwin (I1353)
1345 11 Harrington Court
Leith-Hay, George Leslie (I92275)
1346 11 Hazel Road, Tranmere Baldock, Robert John Alfred (I88420)
1347 11 Illtyd Street Collins, Hilda May (I44983)
1348 11 Kenilworth Road (Daughters Home) Hirons, Cyril (I61781)
1349 11 Lexham St Off Melton Road

Murdered by her husband by manual strangulation 
Garratt, Clementina (I61891)
1350 11 Lexham St Off Melton Road

Thomas reportedly murdered his wife then killed himself, both he and his wife Clementina suffered from Depression and had been treated in the Towers hospital for this
Tams, Thomas (I61924)
1351 11 Murray Street Cutbush, Percy Back (I8899)
1352 11 Murray Street Scott, Grace Estelle (I8900)
1353 11 New Street, Cloth Fair Hughes, Eliza Evelyn (I8012)
1354 11 Oakleigh Grove Evans, George William (I88538)
1355 11 Third Avenue Hurst, Florence Emily (I83024)
1356 11 Thornton Villas, Spa Road Causton, Edith Mary (I14129)
1357 11 William Street Cornfield, Thomas Edward (I19298)
1358 11 William Street Cornfield, Sophia (I19297)
1359 11 William Street Cornfield, David John (I19299)
1360 11/09/?? Jones, William Ifor (I779)
1361 113 Henderson Street, Kinning Park Deschlein, Maria (I48429)
1362 114 Blackburn Street Noble, Margaret (I48857)
1363 114 Blackburn Street Noble, John Joseph (I48605)
1364 114 Maclellan Street Cockburn, George (I49021)
1365 115 Icknield Port Road Strangward, Joseph (I2298)
1366 115 Plantation Street Noble, David Hardie (I43053)
1367 116 Blackburn Street Noble, Jane F. (I48856)
1368 116 Dale Street Noble, John Joseph (I48605)
1369 117 Burrage Road Johncock, Ellen Eliza (I90316)
1370 117 Victoria Street Lord, Clara Worrell (I98146)
1371 118 Lutterhead Avenue, Paddington, London Heinemann, Meyer Max (I13682)
1372 119 Lincoln Street, St. Philips, Bristol Wintle, John (I77269)
1373 119 Southampton Street Boswell, Brian James (I7765)
1374 119 Winston Road

Hackney, Vol 1b p 465 
Moore, Reuben William (I69868)
1375 12 Augusta Street Jones, Mary (I45023)
1376 12 Bonny Street Yagues, Josephine Emma Adrienne (I90315)
1377 12 Canal Square Winfield, Ann (I67744)
1378 12 Glebe Place Hughes, Elizabeth (I26806)
1379 12 Glynn Street Valentine, George Ernest (I14176)
1380 12 High Street Poulsom, Caroline (I7475)
1381 12 John Street, Curtain Road Rowe, Elizabeth Sophia (I90185)
1382 12 Oct = baptism? Matthews, Elizabeth (I61926)
1383 12 Oxford Road Flay, Emma (I6865)
1384 12 Oxford Road Gingell, Thomas (I6826)
1385 12 Pear Tree Street Hardman, Elizabeth Ann (I90055)
1386 12 Pleasant Way Murphy, David Murdoch (I112740)
1387 12 Smith Street Vaughan, David (I46004)
1388 12 Smith Street Paul, Mabel Rebecca (I44989)
1389 12 Victoria Place Kilpatrick, John (I48443)
1390 12 Wells Place Penny, George Henry (I60896)
1391 12, Augusta St., Ton-Pentre Collins, Emily Louisa (I45025)
1392 120 Duke's Ride

vol 19 p 65 Reg 788 
Larcombe, Mabel Minnie Yeomans (I71061)
1393 120 Hythe Road Dadd, Edward William (I92658)
1394 120 Water Street Lord, Albert Ellis (I98150)
1395 120 Water Street Lord, Clara Worrell (I98146)
1396 121 East Avenue S., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Kerr, Sarah Bell (I113143)
1397 121 Plantation Street Kilpatrick, William (I48874)
1398 121 Plantation Street Watt, Agnes (I48444)
1399 121 Plantation Street Kilpatrick, John (I48443)
1400 121 Plantation Street Noble, Agnes Watt (I42882)
1401 123 Drury Lane Deschlein, Peter (I48624)
1402 123 Drury Lane Deschlein, Jacob (I48623)
1403 123 Drury Lane Deschlein, Christina (I48622)
1404 123 Drury Lane Deschlein, Christina (I48621)
1405 123 Drury Lane Deschlein, Jacob (I48623)
1406 124 Maclean Street Kilpatrick, James Campbell (I48873)
1407 124 Maclean Street Kilpatrick, John (I48872)
1408 124 Maclean Street Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Skinner (I48423)
1409 124 New Bond Street Walkden, Mary Ann Clark (I90318)
1410 125 Moyser Road Wright, Harry Thomas (I7780)
1411 126 Hill Lane Lees, Kenneth Harvey (I80939)
1412 127 Park Road Bradley, Doris Jessie (I87877)
1413 127 Tennyson Street Anderson, Arthur James (I60272)
1414 127 Upper Thomas Street Fisher, Amelia (I1168)
1415 127 Upper Thomas Street Allen, Gladys (I1033)
1416 128 Hampton Road Bradley, Elizabeth (I61087)
1417 129 Kilmarnock Road Lochhead, Diana Bruce (I48504)
1418 13 Anderson Street, Kinning Park Berry, Edwin Charles (I48637)
1419 13 children 
Baker, Alfred (I66974)
1420 13 children Family F9610
1421 13 Chumleigh Street, St George Wadey, Thomas Cranmer (I9760)
1422 13 Church Lane Lees, Joseph Robinson (I80336)
1423 13 College Place Cross, Maria Alice (I7776)
1424 13 Cumberland Place Durrant, Albert (I13438)
1425 13 Jeremiah Street Baldock, Robert Samuel (I88467)
1426 13 Kensington Street Barry, Kezia (I224)
1427 13 Kensington Terrace, Paisley Rd West Family F14374
1428 13 Kimberley Road Keevil, Alfred Charles (I91103)
1429 13 Lea Road Eastwick, Sarah Jane (I70530)
1430 13 Limes Grove Williams, Eliza (I82988)
1431 13 Lower Thomas Street, Cwmbargoed, Penydarren Jones, Mary (I45733)
1432 13 Melton Street Lord, Florence Emma (I98144)
1433 13 Osborne's Buildings Keevil, Thomas George (I90960)
1434 13 Osborne's Buildings Keevil, Thomas George (I90960)
1435 13 Union Road, Northam. Sampson, Martha (I59459)
1436 13 Villa Street Joyce, Theodora (I15299)
1437 13, Bycullah Road Hawkey, Mary Clara (I69855)
1438 13, Princes Street Ross, Rosanna (I88466)
1439 131 Backchurch Lane Tanner, Frederick John (I59934)
1440 131 Stow Hill Cornfield, Harriett Priscilla (I19267)
1441 132 Clyne, Henry (I37006)
1442 134 Crown Street, Gorbals Deschlein, Clara Maria (I48436)
1443 134 High Street Roberts, George Frederick (I26688)
1444 135 Peel St. Gannon, Thomas Patrick Toner (I51991)
1445 135 West Scotland Street, Kinning Park Berry, Thomas Deschlein (I48635)
1446 136M-XS8

Extracted from the website 12/4/2011:

Ancestral File Record

Name: Charlotte WINBORNE
Gender: Female
Birth: 1783;
Christening: 1783 Feb 2; Bexhill, Sussex
AFN: 136M-XS8

Father: John WINBORNE
Link to Father:

Mother: Hannah WATERS
Link to Mother:

Spouse: Stephen JONES
Link to Spouse:

Child 1: Charlotte JONES
Link to Child 1:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1816 Oct 20; Bexhill, Sussex
Child 2: Mary Anne JONES
Link to Child 2:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1801 Jun 15; Bexhill, Sussex
Child 3: Maria JONES
Link to Child 3:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1819;
Child 4: Henry JONES
Link to Child 4:

Gender: Male
Birth: 1822;
Child 5: Charles JONES
Link to Child 5:

Gender: Male
Birth: 1813 Jan 13; Battle, Sussex, England
Child 6: Caroline JONES
Link to Child 6:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1812 Jun 22; Bexhill, Sussex
Child 7: George Mark JONES
Link to Child 7:

Gender: Male
Birth: 1814;
Child 8: David JONES
Link to Child 8:

Gender: Male
Birth: 1816;
Child 9: Eliza JONES
Link to Child 9:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1805;
Child 10: George JONES
Link to Child 10:

Gender: Male
Birth: 1811;
Child 11: Mary JONES
Link to Child 11:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1821;
Child 12: Harriet JONES
Link to Child 12:

Gender: Female
Birth: 1819; 
Winborne, Charlotte (I62423)
1447 138 Columbia Road Russell, Clara (I90183)
1448 138 Forest Road, Outwoods, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England. Davidson, William (I256)
1449 138 Water St. Wolstenholme, John (I51895)
1450 139 Hyde Street Durrant, Albert (I13438)
1451 14 Bailey Street White, Elizabeth (I61158)
1452 14 Chapel Street Jones, David (I45917)
1453 14 children: by 1911, only 3 survived. Family F28233
1454 14 Dec ?? Gurd, Ellen (I60380)
1455 14 Hazelwood Crescent Johncock, James Arthur (I89983)
1456 14 Hazelwood Cresent Johncock, William James (I89961)
1457 14 James Terrace, Waterloo Road
Berry, Eliza (I89896)
1458 14 Jul = baptism?? Smith, Winifred Charlotte (I40226)
1459 14 Lytton Avenue, Rock Ferry Baldock, Alfred James (I88449)
1460 14 Old William Street Cornfield, William Henry (I19295)
1461 14 Saunders Street O'Brien, Henry (I90088)
1462 14 Smiths Buildings Cornfield, Mary Jane (I19327)
1463 14 Spring Street Gardner, Jonah Henry William (I90872)
1464 14 Spring Street Gardner, Henry (I90037)
1465 14 Spring Street Gardner, Jonah (I90489)
1466 14 St. Andrews Crescent, House 17, Pollokshields
Hunter's Hill Nursing Home 
Noble, Agnes Watt (I42882)
1467 14 St. Andrews Drive Family F14431
1468 14 Theburton Street Gardner, Lillie Edith (I90105)
1469 14 William Street Cornfield, Theophilus (I19268)
1470 14, Lytton Ave, Rock Ferry Gay, Mary Ann (I90109)
1471 143 Alexandra Street, Ontario, Canada. Kirkbride, Roger Lyth (I113091)
1472 143 Dorset Street, Davidson, William (I256)
1473 147 Sutherland, Isabella (I33374)
1474 147 Christopher St. Flay, James (I8099)
1475 15 Alfred Street Wilson, Amelia (I29610)
1476 15 Feb in some records but is this the burial? Prine, Joan (I70998)
1477 15 George Road Perrins, John (I79665)
1478 15 Grays Inn Lane Letcher, Nancy Ham (I45199)
1479 15 Lake Vale Road Hawkey, Herbert Arthur Gustavus (I70687)
1480 15 Maxwell Road
Sarah Cox - 67890 22 Mar 1924 Bournemouth - copy of certificate has been uploaded 
Cox, Sarah (I67890)
1481 15 Roseleigh Avenue Hawkey, James Poulton (I69940)
1482 15 Spring Street Gardner, Thomas (I90480)
1483 15 Sutton Road Hodges, Fredrick Trevor (I61818)
1484 15 Sutton Road Coaton, Emma Jane (I61382)
1485 15, Ingleborough Road Hewson, Mary Lotty (I88478)
1486 150 Tatton Street Howard, Martha Ellen (I105570)
1487 150a Ladypool Road Forster, Thomas (I41472)
1488 156 Cricklewood Lane Dolphin, Albert George (I56377)
1489 156 Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood Dolphin, Alfred George (I56368)
1490 156 Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood Dolphin, Albert George (I56377)
1491 16 Carrs Row Wileman, George Henry (I43835)
1492 16 children! Duff, Patrick of Whitehill (I92212)
1493 16 Devonshire Street West, Hawkey, James Poulton (I69940)
1494 16 Doigs Vennel Raitt, James (I95945)
1495 16 Gower Street Family F14392
1496 16 King Street Scotchmer, Emma (I8215)
1497 16 North Street Bendell, Ada (I9663)
1498 16 Oct ??
Goodchild, Rosa (I76135)
1499 16 Vernon Avenue Dobbie, Joseph (I89558)
1500 16 Vernon Avenue Banks, Eliza Thompson (I87808)

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