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Matches 1 to 117 of 117 for Tree equals Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F39
 Hughes, Yvonne Bell   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
2 F76
 White, Milly   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
3 F56
 Charles, Sarah   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
4 F87
 Offord, Mary Ann   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
5 F86
 Offord, Jane   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
6 F107
 Cooper, Harriet   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
7 F45
Baskett Martin, Laura   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
8 F14
Beaumont, Albert Edward Hughes, Catherine 1912 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
9 F6
Bell, Edward Evans, Elizabeth 17 Dec 1831 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
10 F7
Bell, Edward Williams, Ellen 1859 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
11 F15
Bell, Edward Williams, Winifred Abt 1905  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
12 F17
Bell, Edward Rees Foulkes, Mary 22 Jun 1908 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
13 F4
Bell, Captain John Rees, Sarah 1873 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
14 F78
Bond, Frederick Annie   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
15 F35
Buck, Herbert J. Stevens, Vallie E. 1925  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
16 F33
Carson, James Ethelston, Rosemary A.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
17 F100
Chapman, Benjamin    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
18 F67
Charles, Edward Roberts, Sarah   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
19 F60
Charles, Edward Thomas, Mary 1874 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
20 F59
Charles, John Margaret   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
21 F64
Charles, John Williams, Ann   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
22 F57
Charles, John Hughes, Anne 25 Feb 1837 Ruabon, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
23 F55
Charles, John Clark, Mary 1859 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
24 F61
Charles, Thomas Usher, Elizabeth 1871 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
25 F65
Charles, William Jones, Louisa 1891 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
26 F110
Charlton, Harold R. Edwards, Gwenfron   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
27 F58
Clark, William Davies, Susanna   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
28 F43
Cudworth, Paul D. Rayner, Denise   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
29 F31
Darragh, William N. Turner, Joyce G.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
30 F32
Davies, David Edward Bell Ethelston, Rosemary A.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
31 F18
Davies, Emlyn Bell, Sarah Afona 1935 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
32 F20
Davies, Ioan Tudno Bell Darragh, Ruth   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
33 F74
Ebbage, Arthur White, Eliza 21 Sep 1880 Lingwood, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
34 F75
Ebbage, Samuel    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
35 F11
Edwards, Frederick Maldwyn Hughes, Winifred 1898 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
36 F42
Edwards, John Thomas Williams, Mary Elizabeth 1900 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
37 F108
Edwards, William    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
38 F66
Ellis, Robert Charles, Ann 1892 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
39 F90
Foulkes, Owen Williams, Elizabeth 1843 Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
40 F97
Foulkes, Owen Thomas, Mary 26 Nov 1892 Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
41 F89
Foulkes, Peter Jones, Anne 1874 Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
42 F91
Foulkes, Price Hughes, Ellen 1870 Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
43 F93
Foulkes, Price Torrible, Charlotte Elizabeth 1887 Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
44 F79
Fuller, Harold Barnard White, Winifred May   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
45 F53
Gore, William Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
46 F5
Gore, William Adams Rees, Sarah 14 Sep 1861 Aberdovey, Merionethshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
47 F88
Graves, George H. White, Rose Anna   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
48 F96
Griffiths, John    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
49 F95
Griffiths, John Torrible, Charlotte Elizabeth 20 Oct 1877 Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
50 F25
Hammond, Charles Henry Laws, Susan 1873 Thetford, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
51 F26
Hammond, Charles Henry Charlotte 1908 Thetford, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
52 F101
Hammond, Henry Partridge, Eliza 1851 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
53 F105
Hammond, William Pearson, Sarah Elizabeth   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
54 F19
Hawley, John Eric Gibson Beaumont, Bessie   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
55 F21
Hawley, John William Twist, Margaret Amy 1905 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
56 F71
Hinton White, Charlotte   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
57 F48
Hughes, David Lewis, Elizabeth Anne 1897 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
58 F38
Hughes, Geoffrey Bell Hillier, Jean M. E.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
59 F117
Hughes, John Prudence   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
60 F3
Hughes, John Bell, Sarah Anne 1908 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
61 F2
Hughes, John Bell White, Hilda Charlotte 14 Apr 1941 Aberdovey, Gwynedd, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
62 F115
Hughes, Nathaniel Francis, Mary 1875 Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
63 F111
Hughes, Richard Tibbott, Jane 17 May 1829 Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
64 F10
Hughes, Thomas Jones, Gwen 28 Jun 1862 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
65 F40
Humphries, Joseph F. Hillier, Jean M. E.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
66 F70
Jones Elizabeth   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
67 F13
Jones Gwen   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
68 F1
Jones, Bryn Edwards Hughes, Susan Bell   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
69 F62
Jones, Daniel Charles, Margaret   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
70 F51
Jones, Francis Rees, Louisa Mary Adams Waterworth 5 Nov 1883 Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
71 F69
Jones, James Jones, Sarah   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
72 F54
Jones, James Charles, Sarah 1897 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
73 F41
Jones, James Thomas Edwards, Sarah Ann 1940 Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
74 F36
Jones, Matthew Sheridan, Kate   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
75 F37
Jones, Nicholas Cudworth, Josie Louisa   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
76 F44
Jones, Nicholas Martin, Laura   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
77 F112
Jones, Richard Lloyd, Elizabeth   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
78 F68
Jones, Richard Roberts, Sarah 3 Aug 1872 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
79 F52
Jones, William    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
80 F27
Laws, Henry Cooper, Harriet 1854 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
81 F104
Laws, John Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
82 F49
Lewis, Maurice Evans, Emma 1870 Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
83 F113
Lloyd, David Gwen   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
84 F22
Matthews, George A. Hawley, Joan   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
85 F72
Moll, Edward Halesworth, Ann   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
86 F73
Moore Halesworth, Ann   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
87 F85
Offord, John Eliza   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
88 F83
Osborne, Edward    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
89 F82
Osborne, Thomas Seager White, Annie Elizabeth 28 Mar 1901 Lingwood, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
90 F12
Owen, David Hughes, Elizabeth   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
91 F63
Parry, Robert Charles, Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
92 F102
Partridge, James Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
93 F103
Partridge, James Wallis, Susan 1859 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
94 F50
Rees, Edward Pryce Gore, Catherine 5 Aug 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
95 F30
Rees, Richard Pryce, Ann 5 Dec 1835 Corris, Merionethshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
96 F114
Roberts, Thomas    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
97 F16
Schofield, Albert L. Beaumont, Gweneth May 1940 Liverpool, Lancashire, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
98 F23
Schofield, Walter H. Emily A.   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
99 F81
Smith, Robert    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
100 F106
Surrage, Charles Cooper, Harriet 1865 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
101 F98
Thomas, Joseph    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
102 F116
Tibbott, Isaac Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
103 F94
Torrible, William    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
104 F99
Turner, William Sarah   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
105 F29
Turner, William Chapman, Elizabeth 22 Jun 1845 Lingwood, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
106 F77
White, Archie Thomas Osborne Bond, Winifred Annie 5 Nov 1921 East Dereham, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
107 F34
White, Geoffrey Williams Buck, Barbara E. 1948 Wayland, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
108 F84
White, George Offord, Mary Ann 1899 Blofield, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
109 F24
White, George John Turner, Elizabeth 21 Dec 1861 South Walsham, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
110 F8
White, Herbert Albert Hammond, Hilda Lottie 2 Jan 1915 Thetford, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
111 F9
White, Herbert Albert Holden, May Elizabeth 1920 Thetford, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
112 F28
White, John Moll, Hannah 1 May 1826 South Walsham, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
113 F80
White, John William Smith, Rosanna 12 May 1919 Lingwood, Norfolk, England  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
114 F47
Williams, John Jones, Mary   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
115 F46
Williams, John Henry Hughes, Winifred 1910 Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales  Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
116 F92
Williams, Robert Roberts, Jane   Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi 
117 F109
Williams, Wiliam    Bell-Hughes of Aberdyfi