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Memorial Stone for Janet Sutherland (48774)

Erected in 1881 by.
Alexander Sutherland, farmer of Golsary, died 26th March 1908 aged 91.
In memory of his daughter.
Daughter Janet died 21st July 1876 aged 20.
Son David Sutherland died 21st October 1876 aged 14.
Son James Sutherland RMA drowned at the wreck of HMS Serpent 10th November 1890 aged 26.
Wife Barbara Budge died 10th March 1910 aged 83.

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Linked toMemorial Stone for Janet Sutherland (48774); Barbara Budge; David Sutherland; Janet Sutherland

Latheron Old Cemetery, Latheron, Caithness, Scotland, United Kingdom

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1Headstone for Alexander Bruce (37089) Headstone for Alexander Bruce (37089)
Erected in memory of
Alexander Bruce, farmer of Badrire, died April 1843 aged 60.
Wife Christina Campbell died 8th January 1885 aged 68.
Eldest son John Bruce died 14th May 1872 aged 53. 
2Headstone for Alexander Bruce (42476) Headstone for Alexander Bruce (42476)
Erected by Mary Sinclair in in memory of her beloved.
Husband Alexander Bruce, merchant of Lybster, died 24th April 1877 aged 51.
Also in loving remembrance of the.
Above Mary Sinclair died 30th March 1918 aged 88.
His wife and devoted mother. 
3Headstone for David Campbell (42586) Headstone for David Campbell (42586)
Erected in loving memory of.
David Campbell died at Rangag 29th November 1860 aged 41.
Wife Christina Sutherland died at Ingimister 21st March 1908 aged 88.
Daughter Christina Campbell died at Catchery Watten 28th October 1935 aged 86. 
4Headstone for David Campbell (42818) Headstone for David Campbell (42818)
In memory of.
David Campbell of Rangag Latheron 2nd February 1982 aged 92.
William Donald Williamson died 18th January 1969 aged 63.
Catherine Williamson died 23rd October 1945 aged 80.
William Williamson died 29th June 1946 aged 80.
Erected by the New Zealand relatives of David Campbell. 
5Headstone for Donald Bruce (33368) Headstone for Donald Bruce (33368)
Donald Bruce, farmer of Munsary, died 18th December 1857 aged 87.
Wife Christina Forbes died 8th May 1855 aged 78.
Son William Bruce died 1st November 1845 aged 36. 
6Headstone for Francis MacKay (36911) Headstone for Francis MacKay (36911)
7Headstone for James Sutherland (42535) Headstone for James Sutherland (42535)
In loving memory of.
James Sutherland died at Badryrie 26th June 1931 aged 84.
Wife Elizabeth Bruce died 8th March 1919 aged 87.
Father James Sutherland died 19th August 1888 aged 94.
Mother Elizabeth Gow died 11th May 1880 aged 76. 
8Headstone for John Bruce (38377) Headstone for John Bruce (38377)
Erected by James Bruce, farmer of Blackcroft, in memory of his parents.
John Bruce, farmer of Niand, died December 1838 aged 65.
Wife Janet Gunn died July 1858 aged 73.
Daughter Jane Bruce died 11th June 1886 aged 63.
Son Robert Bruce died 20th June 1895 aged 77.
Son James Bruce died 1st November 1899 aged 85.
Daughter Mary Bruce died 2nd January 1907 aged 84. 
9Headstone for John Sinclair (42656) Headstone for John Sinclair (42656)
In loving memory of Rachel Young.
John Sinclair of Quoys Forse died 5th October 1921 aged 65.
Eldest daughter Rachel Young died 7th November 1896 aged 5.
Daughter Margaret Campbell died 14th March 1928 aged 33.
Son Robert Finlayson Sinclair died in Japanese hands Borneo 1942 aged 47.
Wife Annie Sinclair died at Latheron West 16th July 1945 aged 83. 
10Headstone for John Sutherland (37122) Headstone for John Sutherland (37122)
In memory of.
John Sutherland born at Roster 1805 died at Mulbuie Houstry Dunbeath 15th Febuary 1878.
Son Alexander Sutherland died at Jallander India 10th September 1869 aged 20.
Son Marcus Sutherland died at Brynnmawr Wales 30th October 1883 aged 22.
Wife Christina Gunn born at Shinval 2nd Febuary 1822 died at Mulbuie Dunbeath 24th January 1917. 
11Headstone for John Sutherland (43525) Headstone for John Sutherland (43525)
Erected in memory of.
John Sutherland, farmer of Rangag, died 11th November 1893 aged 92.
Sister Barbara Sutherland died 21st January 1885 aged 81.
Sister Helen Sutherland died 4th May 1889 aged 69.
Sister Jane Sutherland died at Ingmister 15th Febuary 1902 aged 80.
Nephew James Campbell died at Catchery Watten 1st April 1937 aged 79. 
12Headstone for Walter Bruce (37009) Headstone for Walter Bruce (37009)
In loving memory of.
Walter Bruce died at Ballachly Forse 2nd December 1906 aged 84.
Sister Isabella Bruce died 4th December 1888 aged 72. 
13Headstone for William Sutherland Headstone for William Sutherland
Sacred to the memory of.
William Sutherland, farmer of Achkinloch, died 21st June 1903 aged 82.
Daughter Christina Sutherland died 26th September 1882 aged 9.
Son Alexander Sutherland born 5th April 1857 died 7th April 1907.
Wife Margaret Gunn died at Braehungie 21st May 1922 aged 92.
Daughter Marjorie Sutherland, teacher at Bo'ness for 21 years, died at Edinburgh 26th Febuary 1929 aged 58.
We lay them away gently to gain strength, and beauty, for the coming of the Lord.
Son Marcus Sutherland born 1868 died 21st July 1903 interred at Brynnmawr South Wales.
Son John Sutherland born 1860 died at Latheronwheel 12th January 1927.
Brother James Sutherland died 14th March 1885 aged 69.
Sister Betty Sutherland died 10th January 1893 aged 78. 
14Memorial Stone for John Budge (48462) Memorial Stone for John Budge (48462)
Created to the memory of.
John Budge, tenant of Forse, died 19th December 1839 aged 61.
Son Donald Budge died 26th May 1851 aged 38.
Son David Budge died 28th September 1855 aged 38.
Wife Janet Sutherland died 9th November 1863 aged 78. 

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