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The Williams Family Tree

The Williams Family Tree started off as a small project about the Williams family of Aberdyfi, Wales with a few hundred names. It has grown into a massive undertaking with over 108,000 individuals from all over the world. It is growing on a daily basis as new links are found and more information is passed on. The target? 200,000 individuals! It was started by my brother, Dai, some years ago using index cards. My computerisation of the data and subsequent publishing on various web pages has culminated with this site. Numerous kind people have made contributions to the data from all over the world.

The Wiki

In 2012 I added a new development to the website - The Williams Family Tree Wiki! Unfortunately, something got screwed up during the transfer from one internet provider to another and I never really managed to get to grips with fathoming it out. However, following on from a recent software upgrade for the website, I have installed a new version of the wiki that will hopefully grow into a one-stop encyclopedic source for information about individuals and places mentioned in The Williams Family Tree.

Yes, The Williams Family Tree Wiki is a bit of a mouthful but Willi-Wiki didn't sound quite right! I am open to suggestions for a better title ...


At the left hand side of the Wiki pages is the 'Sidebar'. This gives you quick access to the main page 'Categories', such as 'People', 'Places', and 'Mariners'. By following the links behind individual names and places in The Williams Family Tree, you are able to go to, or create, pages in the Wiki for that person or place. The link icons look like this New doc.gif and Old doc.gif. The first indicates there is no Wiki page for that person or place, the second indicates there is an existing Wiki page for that person or place.
There are a number of other link on the Sidebar that may vary depending on the page you are viewing or the type of access you have. You have more options available to you if you have registered as a 'User' of the Wiki.


There are a number of existing categories that a page may fall into. The two main categories are 'People' and 'Places'. However, a person or place may well belong to more than one category. For instance, I have added 'Mariners' as many members of our family were sea-faring folk. Captain Owen Williams and his son, John Davies Williams, are in the categories 'People' and 'Mariners. You are welcome to add as many categories as you require, but please check that there is not an existing one that will cover what you want.

Examples of correct formatting are [[Category:People]] and [[Category:Mariners]][[Category:People]]


Please see the MediaWiki Help page for details on how to edit or create a page.
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