This blog is intended to keep you informed about what is happening in the Williams Family Tree. There are currently 4 categories of information:- Family Tree, Census, Information and News.

  • Family Tree : Information about research and anything relative to the family.
  • Census : Results of ploughing through the returns, look-ups and whatever else of importance.
  • Information : Stuff we think you might be interested in.
  • News : Updates about what is happening on the web site.

The blog allows you to log in and have your say or request a look-up. Comments are most welcome but will have to be approved before they go live.

4 Responses to About

  1. Heather Dawkins - Dudley says:

    I am the Granddaughter of Edwin Lampard’s daughter Alice Kate who married Charles Dawkins.
    My tree is Dawkins Tree on Ancestry – Ericaecous
    I live in Dinton five miles east of Tisbury.
    My aim is to locate the address in West Tisbury my Grandmother was born and married. I already know about Woodhouse Semley
    I am sadly short of old family photos due to a fire years ago
    Can you help? Thank you

    • Phil says:

      Hi Heather,

      All the information I have about the Lampard family is already on the website. Hopefully, someone reading this might be able to help though.

      Good luck with your research.


  2. valerie taylor says:

    I am researching the Trigg family, and a Thomas Trigg born around the turn of 1800 in Westbury on Severn. I find however that there are three people named Thomas Trigg registered on the parish record then viz–
    Thomas Trigg christened 1799 born to William and Elizabeth Trigg
    Thomas Trigg christened 8th February 1801 born to Jonathan and Frances Trigg
    Thomas Trigg christened on 15th November 1801 born to William and Eleanor Trigg.
    I can understand that we can probably discount the earlier one but may I ask you please how you determined which of the remaining two Thomas’s is your man i e the son of Jonathan and Frances. There were no burials of a child called Thomas Trigg. Thank you.

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