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A Blogger I Am Not!

The tag line “keeping you up to date” is somewhat misleading! I am pretty useless at this blogging lark as it is over 5 months since I last posted an article here. A lot has happened in those months and I can’t remember all of it – it’s an age thing!

The Jones Family

The Jones Family Tree took off very quickly and has gathered 462 individuals.

There is now a Facebook Group called Aberdyfi Jones where you can view a lot more information about the Jones Family.

This particular Jones family is not related to the Williams Family of Aberdyfi but I have enjoyed researching it nevertheless and gained a few more friends because of it.

As and when time permits I will continue the research because you never know what will crop up …

William James Jones
(1904 - 1993)

New Contacts

A number of new contacts have been made since July and I have been able to put more cousins in touch with each other. Additionally, communication with some “old” contacts has been renewed. This all helps to make the whole concept of The Williams Family Tree a worthwhile effort. I won’t name any names here as I don’t want to offend anyone by missing them out or embarrassing them by including them! Suffice to say that I have acquired a lot more information about many of the branches of the tree and, as ever, I am extremely grateful for all the new information and the corrections to existing data.

The picture to the left is of Isadore Daniel Lunn (1848 – 1904)

The Williams Family Tree Statistics

Individual Target


As you can see, a lot has been achieved but we are only just over halfway to our “new” target of 200,000 individuals.

Your continued contributions will be greatly appreciated.

New Entries
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