So much happening …

I really must get down to writing more stuff in this blog! The trouble is, so much has been happening with the moving in, re-decorating, exploring the new area, meeting new people, etc., that The Williams Family Tree has taken a bit of a back seat.

Not that the database has been neglected. There have been numerous updates and additions but much of these have been little bits here and there. I have been given access to a few more trees on Ancestry, for which I am extremely grateful, and am in the process of slowly adding more information to the database.

Cousin John continues to busy himself with his research and has send me more files that have been incorporated to the database but which I haven’t got around to verifying yet.

Thanks John, and thanks to everyone who has passed on information and/or links over the last few months. Things don’t look like slowing down too soon on the home front but I hope to put more time into The Williams Family Tree in the future.

Watch this space …

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2 Responses to So much happening …

  1. Diane Goodhand says:

    Hi, I found your website when I googled Burden, this family is linked to Baker (Frances) who was my great great grand aunt. I’m particularly focusing on her eldest son Frank at the moment. Could you tell me your link with the Burden side?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Diane,
      As yet, we have been unable to establish a link between the Williams family and Alfred Burden/Frances Baker. Their names appear in The Williams Family Tree as part of a project being worked on by my cousin. Hopefully, more information will turn up so that we can prove/disprove any connection.
      Kind regards,

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